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Angus Mitchell
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Angus Mitchell

Born into the legacy of the late legendary stylist Paul Mitchell, star stylist Angus Mitchell was on an early mission to make his own mark on the industry.

His upbringing exposed him to the same passion that inspired his father. Educated at Vidal Sassoon, Angus has fused the company's legendary precision technique with the free creative expression Paul Mitchell encouraged, to craft his own signature style.

As co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems, Angus currently jetsets around the globe finessing locks. Also an educator, Angus is dedicated to fueling the excitement and energy of the business for the next generation of professionals, as well as for the ones who've made Paul Mitchell what it is today.

Q. Tell HOT about your own education and what it personally means to you.
A. The education that I received from Vidal Sassoon in 1991, at that time the best school out there, is an experience I'll never forget. I believe it's important to give yourself the best opportunity you can afford. After all, it's the foundation that you receive in school that you'll never forget. I believe that the Paul Mitchell schools have fulfilled my father's legacy in teaching the importance of technique-not only in haircutting, styling and coloring, but also in business and sales.

Q. What valuable lessons have you learned from growing up with an industry icon?
A. It's been a humbling one. Not only was my father an icon, but he had already passed away when I entered the industry, so I had nobody to lean on. My father wasn't there to give me advice. For about 15 years I fought against the ghost of my father's legacy and my own insecurities and then I finally decided to enjoy myself and just be me.

Q. How important was it for you to make your own mark on the industry?
A. It was important that I create my own identity by establishing my first haircutting team. Rather than using the Mitchell name, I called it Angus M. I'm proud to be regarded as a leader.

Q. What is your signature style?
A. Whatever I do is whatever I'm feeling or inspired by at the moment. It might be the model, her style or her facial features that encourages me to explore something new.

Q. What inspires you most?
A. Having a client who lets me do whatever I want.

Q. Which creative icons do you most admire?
A. Robert Cromeans. He embodies the spirit of my father Paul Mitchell. He's dangerous and witty with a strong business sense.

Q. If you weren't styling hair, which creative endeavor would you pursue?
A. Acting or singing

Q. What's your personal mantra?
A. Always push yourself, never settle for less and continue to refine your work.

Q. What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
A. Never say "no." Remove your ego and continue to make yourself available. Do your best because sometimes it's the simple requests that will make someone notice you. Pay attention to detail and follow through.

Q. Share some of your secrets to success.
A. Don't let the 'stinking thinking' creep into your mind and lead to emotional decisions. The more you're able to separate the emotion and keep the goal at hand, the more people will see a mature, strong, confident person who will continue to grow and shine.

Creases and Shadows
Photographer: Fumihiko Eguchi;
Hair: Angus Mitchell, Julian Perlingiero, Takashi;
Colorist: Lucie Doherty;
Makeup Artist: Candice Winkelpleck;
Assistants: Ashlea Morris, Jamie Lee Anderbery


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