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Ponytails to Haute Coiffures!

Turn any ponytail into an extraordinary 'do with these inspiring images. Click on the pics to view detailed, step-by-step instructions!

November/December 2013 Find in
November/December 2013

Fishtail Braid

Lovely and quick style by Sam Villa! Place hair in a high ponytail, create a loose fishtail braid and pin as shown!

Fishtail How-To

● Divide ponytail in half (two large sections).

● Take a small section from the underside of the right half and cross it over the top and add to the left half.

● Repeat, taking a small section from the underside of the left half and adding to the right half.
Continue alternating side-to-side, always grabbing from underneath and using small sections.

● Check for balance, secure with bands.

Pony With Shoelace Weave

A sleek, low ponytail turns into a fascinating style by adding a shoelace weave accent. To master this easy weave technique:

How-To: Pony With Shoelace Weave

● Secure the ponytail and wrap a section around the hair band and secure underneath with a bobby pin.

● Moving down a couple of inches, place a loose rubber band around the ponytail to make it stable while you weave the hair right below it.

● To create the weave, separate the ponytail into two equal halves.
Separate a small side section from the right half and loop it under and over the left half and back under the right half.
Repeat this pattern on the left side.
Continue doing this pattern with the same two strands until complete.

● Secure the weave underneath with a small hair band and into the weave with abobby pin.
Cut and remove the rubber band.

Low Pony with Fluffy Waves

Antoinette Beenders (VP of Global Creative for Aveda) designed this sleek pony with waves to create a standout style.

How-To: Low Pony with Fluffy Waves

● Separate the front/top of the hair into a horseshoe-shaped section.

● For the balance of the hair, create a low, sleek ponytail.

● Using your fingers, rake the front/top of hair back with a light texture cream and curl with a 1" curling rod.

● Brush through curls and then back-brush to separate, create volume and shorten the hair length.

● Create wave shapes and then pinto the base of the ponytail.

Sleek Pony With Smooth Details

Sam Villa nails this gorgeous yet simple pony.

Hint: If your client doesn't have bangs, insert a smooth faux fringe.
Using an accent color ranging from bright to a subtle ombre shade, makes the style even more spectacular.

How-To: Sleek Pony With Smooth Details

● Prepare hair with a smoothing creme and blow-dry using a paddle brush to achieve a straight, smooth finish.

● Once dry, separate hair into two sections.
Put the lower section in a high, clean ponytail.

● Addressing the top section, brush the hair back and around the base of the tail.
Wrap it in place.

● If your client doesn't have bangs, insert a smooth faux fringe.
Using an accent color ranging from bright to a subtle ombre shade, makes the style even more spectacular.

The bands of blonde in this strawberry-red pony are spectacular, but it's the bangs that have truly caught our eye. If you haven't done so before, it's time to master the simple art of the faux fringe, which can turn ordinary ponies into haute coiffure styles.   Errol Douglas offers another rendition of the faux fringe - the perfect accent for an elegant, sleek ponytail and a little black dress.
Drew Barrymore knows how to rock a pony!

For this style, she's wearing a faux pony hair addition to augment her natural thickness and length.

The keys to creating this style: Using a workable hair spray to augment fullness and body, hair needs to be meticulously dried and curled with a large-barrel iron.
  Stylist Lorna Evans prepped the hair with a shine serum and then used a paddle brush to dry the hair smooth and straight. She then divided the hair into front and back sections and placed the back section in a high, sleek ponytail.
After adding a stretchy headband, Lorna created a tight plait on the top section and wrap into a bun shape.
If your client isn't thick enough to create a posh, thick braid, augment the section with a hairpiece.


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