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Hair Inspiration from the Silver Screen

PRAVANA stylist Jamie Muniz offers some fab hair how-tos inspired by some leading ladies seen on the silver screen.

January/February 2014 Find in
January/February 2014

From American Hustle's larger than life hair to The Wolf of Wall Street's stunning Margot Robbie, movies are a great resource for hair inspiration. Recreate a few favorite looks with these tips from PRAVANA'S Jamie Muniz.

Amy Adams is certainly a bombshell in this voluminous, classic roller set!

● The look begins with NEVO Full Volume and a light spray of Invisible Control for heat-protection, hold, and fullness.

● Blow dry with a large round brush.

● Using a set of medium hot rollers, set the hair in a horizontal patte on top and through the back of the head, and set the sides of the hair in a slightly diagonal patte.

● Allow to cool completely.

● Take the rollers out and spray lightly.

● Brush through the set and reform the ends of the curled strands with your hands lightly coated with drops of NEVO Hydra Pearls.

Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning and sophisticated in this loose, 70's style.

A throwback top-knot style, this look is fab for any occasion.

● Prep wet hair with NEVO Full Volume and Invisible Control.

● Rough dry for texture.

● With a large 1 1/2 inch barrel iron, curl the top of the hair horizontal and back, pulling the fringe section down to curl up and back.

● This gives the hair the added volume through the front.

● Set with a very fine and even mist of hairspray.

● Brush out the set and smooth the hair with a natural, soft, bristle brush.

● Separate out the fringe and secure remaining hair loosely in a pony and a few inches away from the scalp.

● Holding a strand of hair from the center of the pony, push the elastic band towards the scalp, creating volume around pulled sides and back.

● Secure the elastic band tightly.

● Separate the pony and fold hair loosely around the elastic base, wrapping longer ends, and securing with a bobby pin.

● For the remaining fringe, lightly back-comb while holding the hair down in front of you. While holding the ends roll back and fasten, separating the front and securing with a bobby pin.

● Finish with Super Shape.

Margot Robbie

Newcomer Margot Robbie's beauty stole every scene in Wolf.

She's super salacious and rocking the vixen blonde look.

● Work a light spritz of Invisible Control onto dry hair for heat protection and light hold.

● Then apply 1-2 NEVO Hydra Pearl Drops through the mid-shaft and ends of the hair.

● Using a 1-1 1/2 inch barrel iron, take vertical sections and holding the iron low, wrap the hair around the iron away from the face.

● Work around the head.

● Allow to cool then shake out the set by taking fingertips and massaging the scalp from the temples up.

● This allows the partings and the curl nearest the base to loosen.

● Comb through curls lightly with fingertips.

● Finish with a light spray.

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