Burning Leaf look
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Blazing Beauty: Brightening Clients' Color for Autumn

Autumn is such an inspiring time of year for colorists. After a long, hot summer of bleached-out, faded color, clients are in need of a serious hair rescue and they yearn for rich vibrant hues. Give them this "burning leaf" color look that's perfect for fall.

Jennifer Correale from New York's Di Rosa Haircare was lucky enough to get a dream client-an adventurous art student who wanted a color that reflected fall's natural colors. Correale used a technique to create the effect created by a burning leaf. The look is as magical as the season itself.

Beauty Challenge: The client had a prior ombre and was very unhappy with it, so she was ready for an extreme change for fall to bring her hair back to life.

Create the Look:

Step 1: Apply Goldwell Topchic 40ml 20vol 40ml 5K at root only.

Step 2: Working in four sections of the head, tease small diagonal back sections from front to back in order to melt the ombre together. Each section was backcombed and then weaved with a micro-weave, so it would be diffused rather than dramatic. On top/crown hair was painted using a board and cotton to specifically pick out hair strands to pop/accent. This is also done by using Goldwell Silk Lift and 30vol.

Step 3: Run base color through hair that is left out of the foil through to ends (Goldwell Topchic 5K 20vol).

Step 4: Rinse and follow with Goldwell Colorance Core Lotion 80ml Lotion 20ml 7KG 20ml 8K for 20 minutes.

Marketing Tip: "If you haven't already, now is the time to create fall color Pinterest Boards to use as Look Books. Showing guests images of colors you are confident about creating sets you up for success," says Patrick McIvor, Artistic& TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS Califoia and social media mentor.

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