Tint her brows to match her haircolor
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Brow Beauty

Learn the art of faking it. Find out how to tint her brows to match her haircolor.

July/August 2014 Find in
July/August 2014

Of course, most women color their hair-some simply to cover their grays while others experiment with color for a sense of fun and fashion- especially with the palette of vibrant new colors and ombres out there.

When hair color changes, it impacts the arches, so it's a good idea to tweak them when changing haircolor," says Boom Boom, owner of Manhattan's Boom Boom Brow Bar. She believes that tinting is the best way to change brow color, plus it makes brows look thicker and longer.

Tinting Tips

Go darker versus lighter to frame and define eyes

If hair and skin has natural warm tones, stick with a warm tone (same for cool)

Use a brow powder or pencil to add length and width

Never lift brow color - when hair grows the regrowth will show


Blondes tend to look washed out when brows are not defined, so select a color that's a bit darker than natural haircolor to make eyes pop.


There's nothing better that full, rich, beautifully shaped brunette brows - they are the envy of all. Just look at the list of beauties to don these looks: Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, and Madonna to name a few.


Do not match brows to the hair on her head. A slight contrast is needed, so go a little darker to spice things up. The brows should blend in with her overall look.

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