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Fall Nails: Femme Fatale

Does your client want to make heads turn when she walks into a room? Look no further than these vixen-worthy fall collections for a mani that'll complement her seductive style.

When your clients are seeking a sultry mani, draw from fall's most elegant collections, which take their inspiration from deep, rich autumn hues.


CND row

According to Jan Aold, CND Style Director, the muse of the Mode Folklore collection is "doll like, with lips hyper-accentuated in red-orange or red-fuchsia and cheeks flushed with color. Nails are oate miniature masterpieces, richly polished with detailed pattes inspired by Faberge and fine tapestries."



Cuccio Colour has the right idea, calling its new collection Cafe Cuccio; the series of shades is inspired by freshly ground beans, fragrant cinnamon and sweet caramels. Delish! Rich browns; shimmering coppers; vibrant metallic glitters and demure neutrals bring the essence of an autumn beverage to life.


China Glaze

Full steam ahead! China Glaze introduces its All Aboard collection, which pays homage to old-school train travel. The elegance and glamour of a sleeper car aren't lost on us! The palette runs the gamut from purple to raspberry, brown to navy and olive to turquoise.


SpaRitual 1

SpaRitual 2

The nomadic spirit is sure to find a home in SpaRitual's Wander collection, based off the idea of meandering through the desert and encountering nature's hidden gems. Colors include matte satins in green, gold, red, brown, rose and navy. Perfect for a night spent gazing at the stars.


Gelish 1

Gelish 2

Gelish uses the brilliant colors of nature to present a collection that evokes the essence of autumn: changing leaves, red apples, warm cider and beautiful sunsets. "Rich colors for the fall season are beloved by all," says Gelish Founder and CEO Danny Haile. "Our collection takes the classic fall hues up a notch with wearable glitters, stirring neutrals and bold takes on traditional shades."


Check out more fall collections!

Girly Girl

Party Girl


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