Fall Color: Frenzy -
Sherri Jessee creates an up-to-the-minute hair design that's laced with Sangria, a top Pantone fashion color for fall 2014
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Fall Color: Frenzy

Adapting Trends

Navy blue lipstick? Check.
Black-on-black nails? Absolutely.
Touch of raspberry-red hair color? We would feel naked without it.

September/October 2014 Find in
September/October 2014

The melding of traditional and fashion colors for hair, makeup and nails began with the underground youth movement, where kitchen collaborations with likeminded friends quickly ignited a series of street trends that spread all over the world.

Also proving that nothing lasts forever, rebellious statements like screaming pink hair, blue-black lipstick or safety pin earrings are quickly losing their street punch, thanks to beauty pros and dedicated fashionistas who are dissecting and re-interpreting these trends for a gentle shake-up in their style personalities.

Adapting Trends

With all of the celebrities wearing everything from vibrant accents to overall blue, red-red or pink hair, fashion colors are gradually becoming acceptable to more mature clients in high-fashion, metropolitan areas of the country.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

While conservative clients that only receive gray coverage services aren’t likely to embrace even the most mild high-fashion color, those that wear ombre or other multidimensional designs, might be open to change.

Here are four tips on how you can influence this sweet spot in your clientele to get a little more adventurous with their hair:

Wear fashion colors that inspire rather than scare your clients, even if they tell you how much they like your rainbow color design.

Ask your front desk staff to wear muted highfashion colors, or just a few strong accent pieces in the fringe area, front hairline or tips of their hair.

Offer clients a free taste of what it’s like to wear a fashion color by just coloring the tips of their fringe or adding a few pieces along the perimeter of their haircut. Depending on the brand, the color will either fade away in a couple of weeks or can be trimmed off at any time without making their hair too short.

Offer clients the safest way to be daring by suggesting a chalking service. Your best bet: HairChalk by L’Oreal Professionnel, which doesn’t rub off on clothing or pillowcases and lasts approximately two weeks. It also gives you the advantage of offering a service that’s only done by salon professionals.

Goldwell Color Zoom 2014 USA Gold medalist Vivian Polimeni designed this salon-worthy color design.   Amy Wardley created this intense cool red, which walks a fine line between a vibrant salon color and a nontraditional red.   Goldwell Color Zoom 2014 USA Silver medalist Lauren Kocman designed this beige blonde, which dances between a traditional sandy-pink and a high-fashion rose blonde.


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