Gateway to Artistic Freedom -
Chrystofer Benson
Photographer: Joseph Cartright
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Gateway to Artistic Freedom

Chrystofer Benson's CBC debuts at ISSE Long Beach.

He's bursting with energy and poised to positively impact your business.

January/February 2015 Find in
January/February 2015

Chrystofer Benson, Matrix Artistic Director and multi-time NAHA winner, is embarking on yet another creative venture: the CBC (Chrystofer Benson Collective).

Spearheading a team made up of talented platform educators, Benson has worked harder than most people could even imagine to make his new education vision come true.

Does this mean that he’ll be switching positions?

“Absolutely not,” he assures us. “CBC is an additional indie ventur e that will bring even more quality education to salon hairdressers.

“This really came about after I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do next. Should I open a salon? Or, do I want to positively impact many salons in a big way? The answer was a no-brainer. I came from the salon industry and that’s where my heart still beats. I’m passionate about giving back by assisting stylists who want to raise their skill levels and become more successful.

“CBC is a strong education company that also offers kits filled with the same tools and sundries that our team works with every day. We have our signature scissors and a full complement of appliances and unusual sundries, including ‘CBC Vyzors,’ which protect clients’ eyes during haircut and color services.

The kits will be available at ISSE Long Beach, but our main objective will never be to have an education program as a means to sell kits. Our primary purpose will always be to provide techniques, tips and tricks to stylists to help them do beautiful salon work and build robust clienteles.”

Save the Dates!

The CBC has already won us over for the cover of our January/February issue, as well as CBC Metallics, a three-page collection done by the collective’s team members.

During ISSE Long Beach—January 24 and 25—CBC will also be doing a NAHA Stage presentation, a MAIN Stage Artistic Presentation and a classroom featuring hands-on education. For times and dates, go to:

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