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How to Collect Better Testimonials

One-liners may get a comedian a few laughs, but for your salon...not so much.

by Valorie Reavis, Founder of Linkup Marketing and Shout Lounge

How many times have you written a testimonial for your clients and then simply had them approve it? Wait...don't answer that.

May/June 2015 Find in
May/June 2015

In the era of online, real-time reviews, this is a dirty trick that’s despised by most savvy consumers.

To ensure that your online review sites are producing a steady stream of business for your salon, you not only need clients to express their feelings in their own words, but also grab the attention of users who are shopping for their next salon services.

We all know that your clients are busy and have a lot of things on their minds other than you. That’s why, when you do get a testimonial from someone, it’s likely to be a simplified, positive statement that could be found on a cereal box instead of about a salon.

Overzealous, one-sentence comments like, "Katie Smith is simply the best stylist…ever!" sound disingenuous and lack any real emotional content to encourage potential clients to schedule appointments for your services.

You can avoid this by giving clients a bit of direction up front with a form that asks strategic questions to lead them down the path to testimonial heaven. Hint: Giving them some type of small reward for taking the time to do this will increase the number of great reviews on social media sites!

Consider these questions for your form:

About Valorie Reavis Valorie Reavis is a marketing professional who has had a strong focus on the hair and beauty business for the past decade.

She now leads Linkup Marketing, a digital marketing agency for salons and beauty professionals. Reavis focuses on blending traditional and digital media in order to bring salons closer to their clients.


Great tips on how to handle negative online reviews.

Bad reviews on websites like Yelp! or Citysearch can be hurtful in terms of your feelings and your business.

However, rather than reacting to these situations, take the time to act in a positive manner to preserve your online reputation and maybe even the complaining client.

Internet marketing experts overwhelmingly suggest this course of action:

When you follow these steps and successfully resolve the issue, many clients will post a new, positive comment about how you handled the situation.   

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