Contoured Faces are Replaced With a Soft Flushed Blush This season's hottest makeup Peach hint of red. Pale contour powder Pale red blush Blushing cheeks Neutral contour powder
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Contoured Faces are Replaced With a Soft Flushed Blush

So long taupe; hello color. This season has a youthful blush using pink, peach or even pale red blush.

Tired of wearing neutral contour powders to accentuate your facial features? This season's hottest makeup trend is all about blushing cheeks that are peach, pink or a translucent hint of red.

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Fall 2015

Let's face it: Cheek contouring has had its moment in the sun. This season, ditch the neutrals and change-up your look with blushing cheeks in soft hues of mauve, dusty pink or translucent red.

If you're feeling particularly adventurous or have a dark cool skin tone, we suggest that you explore blush colors with hints of lavender.

How to achieve the look: Use a soft round brush and apply your cheek color in small circular motions on the apple of your cheek to create a radiant glow. This youthful look beautifully finishes a nicely perfected brown, neutral eye and a complimentary lip color in tomato, berry or red.

Pro Tip: Try a cream or gel blush for a longer lasting glow during dry winter months. For a glow that seemingly radiates from within, apply a cream or gel blush over the foundation and then top with a dusting of translucent mineral powder.

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