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Wedding Down Styles for Brides

Felix Fischer for Pai-Shau creates a fresh take on bridal hairstyles for Ines Di Santo Spring 2017.

While soft, romantic updos are a tried-and-true tradition for weddings, this doesn't mean that every blushing bride should be coiffed in intricate chignons made of twists, soft curls and braids.

When styling the hair for Ines Di Santo Spring 2017 bridal show, Pai-Shau artist Felix Fischer broke with this custom by creating luscious down styles that allowed impeccably styled hair to cascade down the back over peek-a-boo lace, sequins and faux pearls.

According to Fischer, the key to creating a stunning bridal style of flowing locks is to ensure that the "hair has a reflective glow of conditioned strands that look light, airy and free of any product. It must also exude a natural gloss. The results are a youthful, modern style with refined softness and luxurious texture that allow strands to flow as effortlessly as silk."

Pai-Shau Hair Products


Step 1. Mist the hair until damp and comb Pai-Shau Royal Abundance Mousse onto the hair, moving from mid-lengths to the ends.

Step 2. Apply Pai-Shau Biphasic Infusion (3-5 pumps) and massage onto the hair from the mid-lengths to ends. Then, twist the strands and massage Biphasic Infusion into ends with both hands to deeply penetrate and repair the hair, instantly smooth the cuticle and dry or split ends, and impart believable shine.

Tip for Steps 3 and 4:. To achieve a flawless finish, tension and a higher styling temperature may be required. Fischer notes, "By using the Pai-Shau Royal Abundance and Biphasic Infusion products, hair is not only protected from damage, but is also hydrated and conditioned during the styling process."

Step 3. Create a part mid-crown from ear to ear, then blow-dry small, one-inch sections forward and down (with a medium round brush) to build subtle volume, and smooth the hair from roots to ends.

Step 4. Blow-dry the remaining back section down from the crown, working in one-inch sections with a medium round brush.

Step 5. Apply Pai-Shau Imperial Hold Hairspray over the top/forward and bottom/back sections of the hair.

Step 6. Use a flat iron from roots to ends for additional sleekness on the top/forward and bottom/back sections of hair.

Step 7. Comb the front section back and blend it with the rest of the hair. Lightly tap Pai-Shau Style Souffle on top of the hair and massage in to give a boost of smoothness without heaviness and to control any remaining flyaways.

Step 8. Finish with a light spray of Pai-Shau Sublime Hold Hairspray for soft, moveable hold.

About: Ines Di Santo Bridal Inspiration
"For this collection, I pulled from spring herself. Imagining the flowers that emerge in the season and the path they take from seed to sunlight - I used lace, embroideries and movement in my gowns to push toward an unexpected place. While still soft and romantic, my bride will stand dressed only for herself and the one she loves." -Ines Di Santo.

Photo Credits:
Bridal Collection: Ines Di Santo Couture Bridal Collection Spring/Summer 2017;
Hairstylist: Felix Fischer for Pai-Shau;
Photographer: John Perez for Pai-Shau



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