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Four Tips On How to Get Noticed On Snapchat

Many of you are asking me why I am focusing on Snapchat lately.

by By Alex Khan, Snapchat alexkhan1

Many of you are asking me why I am focusing on Snapchat lately.

First, 100 MILLION PEOPLE are using Snapchat DAILY!

Second, Snapchat is creating 10 BILLION VIDEO VIEWS DAILY!

So why are so many people so resistant to using it?

There are two reasons.

1. The usability differs totally from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., so there's a learning curve.

2. It's hard to build followers.

Don't fret, as I want to share with you a new app and three best cases on how to use it. I gained more than 1,200 followers by using this app without spending a single dollar on advertisement.

What's the name of the app?

It is called Ghostcodes, which you can download for iOS or android through your app store.

Cool, huh?

So let me show you 3 TOP TIPS on how I gained my followers. I promise you can do it, too:

1. You need to collect Kudos (= hearts on Periscope) to gain more exposure on Ghostcodes. The best way to get Kudos is to give Kudos to other Ghostcodes members. Another great way is telling, on your existing channels, you will return the favor for everyone giving you a Kudo.

2. Change your categories. I jumped from Storyteller to Business to Marketing to Entrepreneur and back to broaden my audience. Only jump to categories that fit you. It doesn't make sense for me, for example, to jump in the category artists, as the best thing I can draw is a smiley. ;)

3. The best way to jumpstart your followers is to get featured on Ghostcodes. Luckily, few know you can actually apply for this. Send them a nice Snapchat story to make the best out of your application.

Bonus tips: Add your other social networks on Ghostcodes and write a compelling biography text so that people know what to expect when they follow you.   

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