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Marco Pelusi
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Marco Pelusi

Driven by his passion for haircolor and beauty, color authority Marco Pelusi is also globally recognized as a platform artist and educator, and celebrity colorist. He can be credited for leading top international teams in color development, and having created and demonstrated color trends at venues worldwide.

March/April 2012 Find in
March/April 2012

It is Pelusi's experience, talent and inspiration that enables him to shine. His esteemed career started at his family's upscale chain of East Coast salons. While there, Pelusi developed a vast appreciation for color, specifically technical know-how and color chemistry.

Early in his career, this visionary earned a position as a top educator at a leading haircolor company in Milan. This work took Pelusi to Los Angeles where he served as National Haircolor Educator for another esteemed color company. While there Pelusi collaborated with chemists to develop haircolor products and create a color education curriculum. In 2005, Pelusi opened the doors to Marco Pelusi Hair Studio-a spa-like salon located in West Hollywood's ultrachic The Avenues Arts Fashion & Design District. Pelusi and his team offer topnotch color and styling to many Hollywood luminaries and cutting-edge trendsetters. Pelusi's skills for sharing, cultivating creativity, and delivering knockout color are what propelled this star stylist to success.

Q. What key attributes have truly defined your career?
A. Perseverance. The most important element for me has been to simply keep going even when I didn't feel like it.

Q. Tell HOT about your own education and what it means to you.
A. My education began when working as a kid at my family's salons. There's nothing better than real life experience. You can have all the schooling and preparation in the world, but nothing replaces time spent at on-the-job training. I was lucky enough to learn my uncle's amazing haircutting method and to learn to become a haircolor trainer for a major manufacturer. Education is incredibly important. When you're a young hairdresser, I think it's vital to attach yourself to a manufacturer who will educate you.

Q. You come from a family that owned salons. How important was it for you to make your own mark on the industry?
A. It became extremely important for me to find my own voice and my very own skills. Haircolor sort of happened to me rather than me finding it. I suppose the best things in life occur this way. I luckily fell in love with color and how to teach it. When I needed a change, I moved to Los Angeles and made my mark in Hollywood.

Q. Where do you find inspiration?
A. I pay close attention to what challenges clients bring me and get inspired in that moment. I also get inspired by beautiful photography, good music and strong communication.

Q. Which creative geniuses do you admire most?
A. In haircare, Vidal Sassoon-especially after having the honor of meeting him at his L.A. documentary premiere. What a great passion he is! Other geniuses I absolutely admire are brilliant actors such as Meryl Streep-one of the very best of our time. My fondness for hair and celebrity works well here in L.A.!

Q. What valuable lessons have you learned?
A. When one door closes, another one opens. There's always another choice or solution just around the bend. There's no such thing as scarcity on this planet, in the way of clients, hairdressers, business, artistic ideas or just about anything.

Q. What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
A. Become an individual and find your own specific strengths. Know what they are and go with them, but also know your weaknesses. I discovered haircolor was my strength and I lead with it.

Q. What's your personal mantra and why?
A. Professionally, it's to maintain the quality and integrity of the hair while coloring. Personally, I'd have to sum it all up in one word-authenticity. I aim to stay as true to myself as possible in every way.

Q. Which accomplishments have you recently been honored with?
A. BE! Beauty Entertainment Magazine listed me as one of the Top 40 Colorists in the U.S. What an honor!

Q. If you weren't styling hair, what would you pursue?
A. Performing, singing, and/or acting.

”I love to match the color of my client’s hair to his or her personality. With Stacy, this is easy to do because she’s such a radiant person. I’ve taken her quite blonde in the past, but now that we’re in the middle of winter, I’m bringing out the ‘elegant’ Stacy, which she truly is. I’m doing this by softening her blonde just a bit with subtle lowlights.” Marco Pelusi

Haircolor Brand: Aloxxi
Colorist: Marco Pelusi
Client: Actress Stacy Keibler
Natural Level: 6.5 ash
Texture: Medium
Condition: Average

Formula 1: 1/2 oz Blue Lightener + 1 oz 20-volume Blue Developer
Formula 2: CHROMA Crème Colour (permanent) 1/2 oz 11N (natural, pale blonde) + 1 oz 40-volume Blue Developer

Formula 3: Tones (demi), 1/2 oz 7NT (natural tan) + 1 oz Activator
1. Apply Aloxxi ColourPrime throughout entire scalp and hair.
2. Taking thin slices of hair and using foils, alternate applications of Formulas 1, 2 and 3 up to top of head. For top and fringe: Alternate Formulas 1 and 2.
3. Once the application is complete, process color without heat for 30 minutes.
4. Rinse hair thoroughly. Apply and massage in Aloxxi ColourLock for 3 minutes. Rinse and towel dry.
5. Spray Aloxxi leave-in conditioner throughout hair and comb through. Style.
Actress Stacy Keibler
Actress Stacy Keibler

Photographer: Jennifer O'Dell Photography; Haircolorist: Marco Pelusi; Hairstyling: Flo Coffman




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