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London Fashion Week
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Super-sized Styles

Stylist Peter Gray, who has spent the past 20 years coiffing many of the most beautiful women in the world, brings Betsey Johnson's vision of big Texas hair to life.

May/June 2012 Find in
May/June 2012

When HOT editor Jeryl E. Spear spoke to Peter Gray, he was in the throes of London Fashion Week with a long list of stellar shows in the works.

Despite being torn in several directions at once, Gray was focused and forthright, especially when the conversation shifted to one his favorite designers, Betsey Johnson.

“She’s amazing!” he proclaims. “Betsey loves her models to be real women that not only look gorgeous in her clothing, but also exude fl irtatious charm and gaiety. She also wholeheartedly celebrates fashion, making backstage a fun experience that’s filled with positive energy.

Even as Betsey’s models lineup, there’s laughter and dancing going on. It can become so animated that I have to make sure that every hairstyle is secure enough to survive a Category 4 hurricane.”

Photographer: Vital Agibalow

About the Style

Peter Gray shares how he and the Rodney Cutler team created voluptuous side ponies using Redken products and easihair easivolume weft extensions.


1. Apply glass 01 smoothing serum in sections throughout hair. Distribute and smooth cuticle with a boar/nylon brush. Very lightly spritz hair sections with water.

2. Apply hot sets 22 thermal setting mist in sections from root to end and dry hair with a boar/nylon brush. Smooth hair but do not straighten.

3. Create a diagonal parting from the recession point on the left side to just behind the ear on the right side. Finish the parting approximately 1.5” from the hairline. Separate the two sections.

4. Bottom section: For fi ne hair, apply quick dry 18 instant fi nish spray from root to end. For coarser hair types, use a sparing amount of forceful 23 super strength fi nishing spray. Brush section to the right side, making sure that it’s fl awlessly smooth across the back of the head. Create and secure a fl attened side pony with a blunt needle and dressmaker’s elastic.

5. Addressing the second section, spray hair with either quick dry 18 or forceful 23 and do a traditional, horizontal set. Affi x each curl with a clip. Note: Make sure that all strands are coated—not saturated—with setting spray.

6. Apply shine fl ash 02 glistening mist to a boar/nylon tip brush and brush out the pre-styled hair addition, as well as the front section of model’s natural hair.

7. Attach the hairpiece from left to right, placing it ¼” above the diagonal parting. Tip: Apply hairspray and finely tease hair at the base where clips will attach for added security. Integrate the weft by pulling small sections of hair through the wefted base with a steel-tail comb. This makes the weft more secure and completely invisible, while blending the add-on and existing hair shades. Securely pin the weft and weft hair to the base of the side pony to ensure a cohesive style with no telltale bumps or bulges.

8. Lightly brush the hair to integrate the style; fi nish with shine fl ash 02 glistening mist.

Mannequin Set Demo
Mannequin head with complete set for team reference
Photographer: Helen Oppenheim

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