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"After the Simplicity Hair Extensions were applied, I set the model's hair, backbrushed the base, lightly disturbed the curls, and then placed the style. Each look in this collection took about 10 minutes to complete." Vivienne Mackinder
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More to Love

Weddings call for more smiles, more tears and more hair!

May/June 2012 Find in
May/June 2012

Aside from listening, commiserating and having the patience of a saint, one of your most important assets for her big day is a quick-to-apply and gorgeous hair extension system that will last long after the honeymoon ends and real life begins.

Simplicity Hair Extensions by TressAllure - made of 100% pure remy hair - features 2- and 4-inch widths that are affi xed with a patented Comfort Grip Adhesive that will keep her new hair fi rmly in place for as long as individual, keratin-bonded extensions.

“Equally exciting, a full head of these extensions takes about 45 minutes to apply and signifi cantly speeds up the styling process,” says Vivienne Mackinder, founder of “Because you generally allow two hours for hair and makeup on the wedding day, you have enough time to apply the extensions, set, style and relax while your bride has her makeup applied.” (

Hair Extensions by: Simplicity Hair Extensions
Hair Styled by: Vivienne Mackinder
Simplicity Extensions Application by: Rosemary Tejeda and Avian King
Photographed by: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup by: David Maderich
Wardrobe by: Montgomery Fraizer

“Whether you create larger-than-life looks or undone, loose chignons, it’s critical to know how to artfully apply hair extensions to add volume where needed, fill in thin areas, or simply create longer, thicker hair.” Mackinder   “Without the help of Simplicity Hair Extensions, I would never have been able to give the model’s thin, broken hair this modern interpretation of a classic upstyle.” Mackinder


“A small section of hair is never all one length; it’s composed of hair that’s two-years old, six-months old and even one-day old. To give extensions a realistic look, I ‘age’ the hair by gently sliding a razor along the shaft.” Mackinder


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