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Bold Evolution

Pravana ushers in a new era of hair care with NEVO, a highly sophisticated line that utilizes the power of nature and strength of technology.

Pravana President and Founder Steve Goddard shares his amazing journey that took NEVO from being a grand idea to a beautiful reality.

September/October 2012 Find in
September/October 2012

Green Pursuit. "When I fi rst decided that the time was right to create NEVO, I began searching for the right ingredients that could offer high-performance botanicals while also embodying the latest scientifi c technology. That search eventually led to the Amazon Rainforest, where my partner in Pravana, Federico Padilla, had built a home and small manufacturing facility. He became acquainted with the Institute National Pesquisas Amazonia, a foundation that’s responsible for cataloging all plants growing in the Amazon.

"I stayed in the Amazon for two weeks. During that time I had the good fortune to work with this institute, which not only shared its wealth of information, but also identifi ed many botanicals that could produce the results that we needed to make a truly outstanding green line.”

Steve Goddard, President of Pravana

Envisioning a world where products we use everyday respect our health and the earth, Pravana President Steve Goddard first turned his thoughts into actions in 2004, when he introduced Pravana, a green-minded haircare brand that’s void of sulfates, sulfi tes, phthalates, MEA, DEA, and added sodium chloride.

Today, Goddard and his team are breaking new ground with NEVO, a prized collection of green products with rich botanicals, which are sustainably grown and responsibly harvested in the Amazon Rainforest, a veritable hotbed of benefi cial plants.

Equally important news: NEVO packaging, which is 100% biodegradable, will begin breaking down within 250 days of being put in landfi lls and be completely decomposed within two to eight years. The average time a conventional plastic container remains intact in landfi lls is 450 to 1,000 years and even then, the plastic bits continue to pollute the planet. (

Photographer: Cesar Paes Barreto   Goddard cutting wild mango   Goddard with Amazon flowers

Natural Selection



Pravana is donating 5% of all NEVO sales to its distributors to City of Hope, the leading treatment and education center for cancer.
This is an ongoing program!

Pravana embraces the future of green science with NEVO, a high-performance product range that contains no sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride, phthalates, gluten, propylene glycol, cocamide DEA, cocamide MEA, animal bi-products, or animal testing.

What NEVO does include: proprietary Drops of the Amazon, a natural complex that nurtures, protects and preserves the surface of the hair and color with essential ingredients derived from three of the most resilient plants found in the Amazon: mulateiro extract, babassu palm oil and Brazil nut oil. Two other key ingredients in the NEVO line: quinoa and soy complete proteins, which restore strength, elasticity and shine.   

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