Micki Stirsman
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Priced for Success

Growing from a small salon to her current 15,000-square-foot salon and day spa, Micki Stirsman is dedicated to her craft and her bottom line.

September/October 2012 Find in
September/October 2012

“We’ve always been strongly committed to education, but for the past several years, our fi rst consideration has been our profi tability,” explains Micki Stirsman, colorist and owner of Salon 01 in Carmel, Indiana.

“Without a healthy profi t, it would be impossible to offer the caliber of training and advanced education programs that we do for our staff; without this training, we wouldn’t be nearly as successful as we are today.

“When our color costs dramatically increased a few years ago, we had to make a decision: reduce what we could offer to our staff; raise our prices and risk losing clients; or shop more reasonably priced brands. We chose to switch to Artego haircolor - distributed in the U.S. by the Beecher Group—based on its performance, results, price points, and quality education opportunities, including the Artego Academy in Rome, an amazing hands-on workshop for advanced colorists.

“Because we’ve learned through experience that everything is interrelated in business, we know that the price we pay for color will have a positive or negative impact on many areas of our business. In addition to supporting our haircare retail sales, reasonably priced color products enable us to offer profi table services in our junior salon - a single-color application with style is $40 - which would have been impossible at $9.00 a tube.

Our junior stylist menu also allows us to attract many new clients to our salon and retain existing ones with fi nancial challenges. In our senior salon, keeping our color costs under control also means being able to maintain a pricing structure that’s within reach of our target market and grow our business, even during tough economic times.”

Salon 01   

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