Kenra Cares -
The Rapunzel Project's unique cold cap technology prevents the hair loss associated with chemotherapy.
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Kenra Cares

Kenra supports breast cancer awareness by granting donations to The Rapunzel Project

Beyond offering an extensive collection of topnotch products that provide extraordinary performance, Kenra demonstrates that the feel-good company truly has a heart.

Committed to the industry, as well as the community, Kenra generously supports The Rapunzel Project-a non-profit organization dedicated to helping cancer patients keep their hair during chemotherapy. Its unique cold cap technology, which is commonly used overseas, has been shown to prevent hair loss, which is associated with this treatment.

Cold cap therapy involves the use of special caps, frozen to a very cold temperature and worn before, during and after each treatment. The cooling of the hair follicles prevents chemotherapy toxins from reaching them, preserving the follicles, as well as the patient's hair.

To date, Kenra has donated $50,000 to this worthy non-profit, with the goal of donating an additional $250,000. Sales of Kenra's special pink products also support the company's truly generous and much appreciated efforts.

HOT gets the scoop on Kenra's breast cancer initiatives via an interview with Jen Norman Zygmunt, VP Strategic Marketing, Kenra Professional.

The Rapunzel Project's founder Shirley Billigmeier-a breast cancer survivor-sports a cold cap and a smile
The Rapunzel Project's founder Shirley Billigmeier-a breast cancer survivor-sports a cold cap and a smile.

Q. How did Kenra choose to get involved with The Rapunzel Project?
A. We have a long corporate history of supporting breast cancer awareness. When we first heard about The Rapunzel Project, we were compelled by their efforts to provide options for those who are seeking cancer treatment. Kenra has a commitment to inner and outer beauty, and The Rapunzel Project really operates at a place where those two things intersect to make a difference.

Q. Please share some information about the charity.
A. About 8% of men and women who are diagnosed with cancer decide not to have chemotherapy because they're afraid to lose their hair. The Rapunzel Project focuses on a treatment that uses cold cap technology. Though this technology has been used in Europe for 15 years, The Rapunzel Project is currently working to make it an available option in every oncology hospital across the US and Canada

Q. Please explain the cold cap.
A. Put simply, cold caps are frozen to a very low temperature. They are then worn by patients before, during and after chemotherapy treatments. Chilling the hair follicles helps to prevent chemotherapy toxins from reaching them, which dramatically reduces hair loss.

Q. How involved are the people in your organization? What do they do to make Kenra's support so successful?
A. I've always known that we have a committed team, but The Rapunzel Project has made it even more evident. Our corporate values include growth and giving back, and I've seen both happen through our partnership. We are creating an on-staff volunteer team to raise awareness for the charity and every member of the Kenra family is invested in The Rapunzel Project's success.

Q. Do you have a particular story of someone who benefitted from this worthy charity?
A. The founders of The Rapunzel Project, Shirley and Nancy, connected us with a cancer survivor named Eve. She is the most incredible woman and she has such an inspiring story. Eve has wrestled with advanced-stage colon cancer and, in the process, has become a passionate advocate about the options available to men and women who are facing treatment. Eve and her journey to recovery are great examples of the fact that hair loss is not just about vanity-it's about much more.

Q. Do you have any upcoming benefits/activities that will benefit The Rapunzel Project?
A. There are always lots of great events happening and we're always looking for more. I just heard that one salon-Fashion Villa in Wisconsin-was on track to reach their fundraising goal before their campaign ended. We've been so excited to see salons engage in cut-a-thons, in-store events, staff fundraising efforts and things like that.

Q. How can salons get involved with supporting The Rapunzel Project?
A. The mission of The Rapunzel Project has captivated us and we hope that others will join in. Involvement may take many forms-from hosting an event in your salon to spreading the word to friends, family, and clients about cold cap treatment. Donations are also always welcome to help purchase freezers and caps and to aid in distribution.

To help get started, Kenra provides salon kits. Visit the Kenra Facebook page to learn more about The Rapunzel Project or to make a donation.

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