Mario Argenti
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Taking the Lead

Industry giant Mario Argenti joins Keratin Complex.

He has dazzled pro beauty-ists for years without many knowing his name. But in manufacturing circles, Mario Argenti's abilities to work at lightning speed and successfully bring innovative products to market are renowned.

November/December 2012 Find in
November/December 2012

As the newly appointed President of Keratin Laboratories, a division of Keratin Complex, Argenti is leveraging his wealth of beauty experience—including stellar leadership stints at Wella, Goldwell and Estee Lauder—to create exceptional new brands that will expand Keratin Complex’s preeminent role within and beyond the smoothing category.

Beauty Confab

Visibly energized by the possibilities that his new position holds, Argenti talks with HOT editor Jeryl E. Spear about what he is doing to enhance Keratin Complex and its network of distributors, salon owners and stylists.

Q. After holding so many high-level positions at major corporations, why did you choose to join Keratin Complex as President of Keratin Laboratories?

A. I’ve always felt that dealing with professional beauty at the grass roots level is an exciting proposition. The spirit of small companies with surging sales is palpable, from the person who answers the phones to the top decision makers. A modest-sized company like Keratin Complex also allows me to quickly make decisions and launch initiatives. It’s a very exhilarating process.

Q. Please describe your new role in more detail.

A. I joined Keratin Complex to launch Keratin Laboratories, a division that strictly focuses on introducing new and innovative brands. Many of these introductions will bring fresh concepts to existing categories, including redefining how services are done. Since coming onboard, I’ve continually explored avenues that could have the same revolutionary impact that keratin treatments once had when they first ushered in true non-damaging smoothing services. I’m also working on creating new products within the smoothing category that will further augment Keratin Complex’s already handsome market share.


Q. Are you concerned about distribution of your upcoming releases?

A. Not at all. Keratin Complex already has a strong network of distributors that we will be using for all new launches. I know many of them personally and can vouch for their dedication and strong work ethic.

Q. We understand that your first breakthrough introduction represents a category crossover: Keratin Complex Color Therapy KeraHold, a keratin enhanced permanent cream haircolor. Please share information with our readers.

A. Studies have shown that keratin is lost through the aging process, environmental factors and chemical processes. Color Therapy KeraHold is imbued with natural keratin to even-out porosity and allow micronized color pigments to anchor in the hair shaft for long-lasting, brilliant color. In the process, it also reinforces existing keratin smoothing treatments. Our new color brand is currently available in 70 permanent shades with more color products due out in the near future.”

Q. Your staff and the entire Keratin Complex network must be over the moon with this launch.

A. Over the moon is one way to describe it; elated is another. First and foremost, though, we’re prepared to continue moving ahead at a brisk pace. Certainly color is a major step for our company, but it’s also just the beginning of many great things to come.   

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