Creative Director: Grey Zisser; Photographer: Gail Hadani; Hairstylist: Carlos Cintron; Makeup Artist: Laura Kaululaau for W3LL PEOPLE; Product Sponsor: Moroccanoil
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The Dresser

Always ready to dress at a moment's notice, Carlos Cintron expresses his passion for shape, texture and silhouette through hair.

November/December 2012 Find in
November/December 2012

If you’re tall, handsome and, to put it politely, built like Ia brick house, you could rule the world, or at least your world. But Carlos Cintron has always had a much more creative agenda in mind.

“Since the first month that I attended beauty school 25 years ago, my greatest ambition has been to take any head of hair—no matter what texture it might be— and fi nish, bend and shape it into an amazing editorial style,” Cintron smiles. “I believe that I’ve always been driven to do this because, whether you specialize in color or cutting, the fi nished style will always represent the essence of your work.”

Today, Cintron is busy doing what he loves best: designing styling courses, training trainers and teaching ways to reinterpret red carpet and fashion runway looks at the salon level.

“When most people watch award events like the Oscars or Golden Globes, they see one gorgeous celebrity after another walking down the red carpet. For me, it’s all about the hair. I love viewing hairstyles with unexpected texture; sleek, tight looks; and effortlesslooking designs that are anything but easy to create. The same is true for runway. I’m constantly on the road, teaching editorial styling at salons and beauty colleges.

“I love teaching classes that involve the fundamentals of hairdressing, like prepping the perfect base, creating a myriad of French pleats or using a Marcel iron to form gorgeous waves. I also share how-to information on ways to create the hottest editorial styles that many clients want, but few stylists truly know how to do.”

Fortunately for the pro-beauty industry, Cintron’s long and multifaceted career has culminated into what he is today: an accomplished stylist and educator who continues to find new styling techniques and treatments to fuel his passion for hair.

“I was a successful salon owner for five years in the early ’90s, but sold the business after realizing that it wasn’t my calling,” Cintron admits. “More than anything else, I wanted to teach and do platform work.

“I went on to work for Toni&Guy and TIGI in many capacities for several years, including being a member of the International Creative Team led by Anthony Mascolo. But in 2011, I felt it was time to spread my wings and explore the beauty industry in fresh ways. This led to the founding of House of Trend Spotters (, an Internet resource for the latest trends and movements in professional and editorial beauty. We’re currently revitalizing the site to bring even more exciting information about trends around the world that will impact what stylists do behind the chair.”

In the meantime, there’s much to learn about the art of styling by this industry maestro who specializes in creating modern texture.

Deftly blow-drying and scrunching hair before tackling a gorgeous texture treatment with a Marcel iron; creating a mash of figure eights and loose barrel waves; or finishing styles to a sleek, mirror-like finish, truly represents his personal brand of artistry in motion.

“It’s really important to search your heart to discover your true beauty calling,” explains Cintron. “What fuels my passion is working with a young company that’s experiencing spiraling success, embracing innovative education and bringing exciting programs to salons. I also find immense joy in reintroducing true hairdressing. Editorial stylists specialize in this art form to great effect; salons that want to create a constant buzz about all of their services need to follow suit.”

Carlos Cintron’s winning images, NAHA 2011 Texture
Photographer: Babak; Hairstylit: Carlos Cintron; Makeup Artist: Kevin Givens   

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