Build a Better World...for You - Jeryl E. Spear, HOT Editor-in-Chief
Jeryl E. Spear, HOT Editor-in-Chief
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Build a Better World...for You

There's no time like the present to begin realizing your dreams.

by Jeryl E. Spear, HOT Editor-in-Chief

January/February 2013 Find in
January/February 2013

When I think of life and all the things that it holds, I immediately envision a garden: There are good or bad bugs, rich or poor soil and healthy or ailing plants. With January ushering in a calm after the holiday rush, everyone should be working on their little plot of land—make that their lives. When done with good intentions, order can bring peace, predictability and, if you play your cards right, prosperity.

Why not begin ushering in a spectacular 2013 by removing the weeds that are choking your growth? Disengage negative co-workers and toxic friends who will never help you achieve any measure of happiness or success. Be strong and don’t succumb to bad habits or negative dialogue. Carefully consider your salon environment and be willing to embrace, change or find a positive workplace. Ignore damning gossip and seek the truth. Stay away from those who nurture division. Freely invest in yourself and others who are true team players. Stop wishing and start doing things that will bring happiness and fulfillment to your life.

I also believe that a flourishing garden has far-reaching effects. Instead of being an insignificant speck on the map that bears fruit born of frustration and unhappiness, a healthy garden has the power to positively impact your workplace, nourish your community and enhance those who live hundreds and even thousands of miles away from your business. You’ll begin to recognize opportunities that were there all along and many others that have appeared because of who are you and what you have become.

At HOT, we’re also very busy tending our garden with new and exciting programs that are rolling out in January, March and June. Our first launch is Beauty4Life, a charity for beauty professionals with life-threatening illnesses and injuries. This groundbreaking foundation launches this month and will be gaining momentum throughout first quarter 2013. We’re also casting future web stars for an exciting new vlogging program. To keep informed about our exciting initiatives, including how you can become involved in Beauty4Life and have your skills recognized by millions of people, sign up for our weekly enewsletter at and LIKE our Facebook page:

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