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Peak of Perfection

DS Laboratories' elite team of scientists unlocks the secrets of maintaining and recapturing the zenith of hair's health and beauty.

March/April 2013 Find in
March/April 2013

DS Laboratories, a company with a phenomenal global presence that's driven by scientific research and accomplishments, has made its pro-beauty debut with proprietary formulas that take a multilateral approach to enhancing stronger and faster hair growth, greater hair density, dramatic reflect, and a much healthier scalp environment.

Focusing strictly on the most advanced active compounds and effective pathways, DS Laboratories continues to raise the bar for anti-aging and anti-thinning products that also possess all the attributes of elegant haircare formulations.

Strictly focusing on bringing original breakthrough treatments to market, DS Laboratories has recently introduced REVITA and salon-exclusive REVITA.LT for blondes to the professional beauty market.

In addition to producing a great lather, protecting against color fade and leaving hair plump and smooth, both high performance, hair-stimulating shampoos contain key treatment compounds that effectively promote accelerated growth of strong, manageable and beautiful hair.

REVITA.COR high-performance hair-stimulating conditioner not only leaves hair smooth, shiny, manageable, and tangle-free, it also builds on the legendary success of REVITA shampoos with state-of-the-art hair-regrowth technologies, including bio-adhesive microspheres that deliver active compounds deep within the follicle and allow them to persist for unprecedented lengths of time; plant-based stem cells with healing properties; and DHTinhibitors that remain active in the hair follicle for a minimum of 12 hours.

One benefit not claimed by the company but reported by stylists using the anti-infl ammatory REVITA range:

Chronic contact dermatitis is either dramatically reduced or completely eliminated shortly after using REVITA products at the backbar.

"The hair and scalp take a beating from ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollutants, styling chemicals, stress factors, changing hormones, and aging," says CEO Daniel Khesin.

"This is why by the age of 30, most clients start to notice a loss of hair volume, shine, strength, and elasticity.

With continued use of REVITA or REVITA.LT and REVITA.COR, clients in their teens and '20s can maintain the quality of their hair indefinitely and mature clients can restore their hair to a more beautiful age."


Breakthrough Hair Support System

DS Laboratories introduces Spectral.DNC-N with Nanoxidil 5%, a powerful new alternative to minoxidil.

Formulated for clients experiencing slow growth and mild to moderate hair-aging and thinning issues, new salon-exclusive Spectral.

DNC-N hair support system by DS Laboratories employs Nanoxidil 5%, a powerful new alternative to minoxidil with a high efficacy rate, low molecular weight for enhanced penetration and no side effects.

Major benefits:

Encourages hair growth at the vertex and along the hairline; opens ion channels to skin cells to improve cellular function and hair growth; stimulates the anagen growth phase; blocks inflammation; and suppresses DHT, the male hormone associated with thinning.

Additional perks:

Continuously treats hair follicles for 12 hours - much longer than conventional products - due to high-tech nanosome encapsulation.

Equally effective for men and women!   

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