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Urban Southwest
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Collection Spotlight: Urban Southwest

NAHA Finalist Todd Kane unveils his first editorial collection

Check out these hot images from Matrix Artistic Educator and Newcomer Hairstylist NAHA Finalist Todd Kane's first editorial collection. Titled, "Urban Southwest," the collection is inspired by a new urban vibe that recently replaced a suburban feel in the valley of the sun.

Kane is a rather notable newcomer to the industry. Prior to moving into the beauty field, Kane served as an Army Captain. "I got out after 10 years and ran several businesses, which were profitable yet unfulfilling. I was always interested in creative things such as interior design, cooking and hair, but once you have children and a mortgage, changing careers becomes a gamble," says Kane.

Following some life changes and a down economy, Kane was inspired to make a big change. While driving in a car with his daughter, Madison, the young girl caught a glimpse of her daddy in the rear view mirror and said, "Daddy, you don't smile anymore."

"I was stunned," says Kane. "I laughed it off, but it stuck with me for months. I did some soul searching and decided that if I didn't make a change now, I may never love what I do. There are too many people in this world like that and I'm happy to say that I'm not one of them anymore.

Kane draws inspiration from various sources specifically architecture, fashion and travel, but mostly he's truly inspired by the effect that his work has on clients. "I believe that when you look good you feel better about yourself and the world around you."

As for his inspiration for Urban Southwest, Kane was riding the light rail into the city center and noticed the diversity of the people on the train. "I've been in Phoenix for 13 years and I began to reflect on how vast the valley was. There's large independent cities-each with its own culture, entertainment and style. But with the introduction of the light rail in 2008, there's been a change in the feel of this southwestern giant. Looking around the train, it became evident that the track had connected us in ways we hadn't been connected before-sports, museums, festivals, entertainment and culture. Welcome to the urban southwest!" says Kane.

As for other visionaries Kane admires, he mentions industry icon Vidal Sassoon, as well as Tom Ford, Madonna, Quentin Tarantino and Bill Clinton.

While looking out yonder into his promising future, Kane yearns to exercise his creativity and have a positive effect on people. "I think it's not only okay, but necessary to be a generalist when starting out. How do you know what you like if you don't try it?" asks Kane.

Even his collection for NAHA is diverse-cut, color, style and texture. "And this men's collection felt right and current," says Kane. "Most of the guys were recruited from the train that day. Maybe it would have been different if the car was full of women."

Kane says he's learned to feel more these days and think less. "My military background created a foundation of discipline and structure that serves me well, but it wasn't until I let go of some control that wonderful things began to happen in my life," concludes Kane.

Perhaps one day people will look at an image and say "That's Kane's work", but until then, this star stylist is quite happy to be regarded as a good guy who happens to do great hair!

PHOTO CREDITs: Christos Sewell


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