By Day/By Night -
Hair: Kirsten McIntosh; Make-up Cheryl Gushu; Photography: Kint
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By Day/By Night

Find out how stylist Kirsten McIntosh fashioned these elegant looks for day and night!

Top talent Kirsten McIntosh created this sexy, flowing "By Day" look by coloring this medium-brown hue, adding gold-copper to disrupt the natural medium-brown hair color slightly, and to usher in some tone. The ends were created with much of the same formula, using a gold-copper hue on the mid-shaft and to provide a brightened, vibrant look. Then, a demi-permanent color was applied as a glaze to seal the cuticle and lock in shine.

A swelling technique was used on the cut to maintain length, movement and versatility. It created long layers and lots of softness and femininity.

Finally, for the style, McIntosh achieved this look by using a 1-inch Marcel iron combined with a heat-activated styling spray, which results in soft, romantic curls. Each curl was then pinned and cooled for approximately 10 minutes. The last step was to bring down each curl and direct each away from the face. A serum and paste cocktail was then applied to add control and to up the shine factor. The style was then separated individually for ultimate softness and flow.

"By Night," reflects a more elegant look, which was created by blow-drying hair (that had been previously dried) with a light texturizer that was heat-activated to control the direction of the hair. The fabric was then divided into two sections for easier control, with the first section secured into a ponytail at the highest point of the head. A firm gel was then applied with a color brush to control any feather-like hair. Back brushing was then used to form a large cushion, which was then back-brushed out into a smooth bun. Applying a shine spray along with a light hairspray controlled this sophisticated look. Knots were then added and were created with the aid of a texturizing iron.

By Day   By Night


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