Oribe Backstage Miami -
During the Welcome Party at Hyde South Beach, Oribe "released" mermaids into the pool.
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Oribe Backstage Miami

Sizzling temperatures and a constant misting of humidity felt cool when compared to the heat-packing Oribe Backstage Miami event, held in South Beach.

July/August 2013 Find in
July/August 2013

If you’re planning on attending Oribe Backstage 2014, we suggest that you fi rst get plenty of rest. Known for its nonstop action, Oribe Backstage Miami 2013 “La Fama” featured the Oribe Open Golf Tournament, VIP Celebrity Poker Tournament and the Welcome Party, which included live mermaids frolicking in the pool. What we failed to mention: That was only the first day of the event.

For the business obsessed, Idealogue, an all-day business seminar, featured fabulous speakers, including C.O.Bigelow CEO Ian Ginsberg; former Lucasfilm, Sotheby’s and IMG exec Roger Faxon; and Reuben Carranza, CEO of Wella, the Salon Professional Division. A pool party was simultaneously held in the afternoon for the biz-free crowd, where Oribe cocktails flowed and guests were treated to poolside Oribe signature manicures.

Ah, but it was The Show that really had us rocking. Held at the beautiful Jackie Gleason Theater at the Fillmore, attendees were treated to a three-dimensional tour through many Latin cultures, with Oribe acting as MC and narrator. Segments included nods to Jennifer Lopez, Afro-Cuban culture, chupacabra—a legendary creature resembling a gargoyle with an appetite for goat’s blood—and quinceañera—a senorita’s coming-of-age celebration.

All of the incredible designer clothing was hand-selected by legendary fashion editor Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele; makeup was designed by renowned makeup artist Sonia Kashuk; and a rainbow of hair hues were created by the Wella Professionals Color Team. The curated soundtrack was chosen by Oribe.

The One, a.k.a. Kevin Green of Luigi Bruni Salon, with his model.

“I wanted to share my point of view and get a reaction from people,” Oribe explains.

“I thought it was glamorous beyond belief, a little racy and, at times, rather unexpected.” Actually, from an attendee’s POV, the entire show cast a dizzying spell fueled by ultra-bright colors, salsa dancers, outrageous hair, hundreds of Oribe beach balls, and Carmen Carrera, the gorgeous drag queen, personality and model.

The all-day Hands-On workshop also stretched our imaginations. Picture nearly 400 stylists with models sitting at quad stations in a vast auditorium with Oribe giving a constant flow of encouragement via a loudspeaker (most often sounding like a disembodied voice), and you’ve got a fairly accurate impression of this event. The inspiration was the chupacabra, with Oribe telling stylists to envision their monster (and name it) and let their creativity run wild by using five new Oribe products: Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse, Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse, Curl Shaping Mousse, Thick Dry Finishing Spray, and Soft Dry Conditioner Spray.

All the while, Oribe stood atop a skyscraper-tall ladder and roamed the floor, looking for The One, a talented stylist who would be mentored by him for six glorious months.

As the workshop wound down, models were individually photographed and sent down the runway to deafening applause. Stylist Kevin Green was declared The One. The Oribe team also did its best to set a Guinness World Record for Most People Styling Hair. Confirmation of the record is pending! (

Even the Oribe badges created excitement about the big event.   Hands-on Session: Nearly 400 stylists with an equal number of models spent a full day styling hair under Oribe’s direction. Oribe’s Education Team traversed the fl oor to mentor participants.
Jennifer Lopez segment; color by Wella Professionals   Quinceañeras segment; color by Wella Professionals   Oribe finale

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