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Premiere Orlando 2016 - International Beauty Event
Premiere Orlando 2016 - International Beauty Event
Premiere Orlando is back by popular demand; bigger, smarter, prettier and even better than ever.

Continuing in the league of excellence, this year's show is set out to bring the professional beauty industry to new heights.

Top Lobs 2016
January/February 2015 Find in
Top Lobs 2016
Lob haircuts of all shapes and textures continue to be the piece de resistance among style-minded clients.

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Wedding Down Styles for Brides
Wedding Down Styles for Brides
Felix Fischer for Pai-Shau creates a fresh take on bridal hairstyles for Ines Di Santo Spring 2017.

Photo by David Raccuglia
American Crew Announces 2015-2016 All-Star Challenge Global Champion
American Crew's All-Star Challenge was a hard-fought competition making the victory sweeter than ever before.

Sandra Perovic thrills with her winning image for the American Crew All-Star Challenge Global Champion competition.

Amber Sacrison used straight Pravana Blue, equal parts Blue and Silver and straight Violet for Amanda's Hair Color Gender Reveal!
Hair Color Gender Reveal!
Gender Reveal Parties step aside. Creative salons have begun offering a more unique way to announce whether their expectant clients are having a boy or girl.

Baby bliss is contagious, especially when your dearest clients will soon be adding new members to their brood. How can you become an important part of their celebration: Hair Color Gender Reveal.

Bright neon mermaid hair color design inspired by multi-hued roses by Ella Parrie IG @ellaschair
21 Inspirations for Your Next Fashion Hair Color Design
Hair Color inspirations can turn ordinary designs into extraordinary works of art.

Six Shower Mistakes That Damage Your Skin
Six Shower Mistakes That Damage Your Skin...#6 May Surprise You!
Hold on! Before stepping into the shower, we need to talk. Did you know that what you do in the shower and right afterwards affects the condition of your skin?

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