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Apr 10, 2007
SALE! Up to 25% discount on Jamie Carroll Training DVDs

May 18, 2007
Shop our Online catalogue of hairstyling books, magazines and training DVDs!

June 29, 2007
New Updo products on the US market!

Sep 28, 2007
Just released! The Fusion Collection Beverly C by COBELLA

Nov 6, 2007
HAIR'S HOW MAGAZINE is celebrating its year anniversary in the USA & Canada!

Dec 6, 2007
Just Released Hindsight DVD from the Entering the ArtZone Clipper Cutting Collection!

Apr 12, 2010
Yes, it's not a typo, this book has ONE THOUSAND hairstyles to choose from! Just what your customers need.

May 12, 2010
SUPER COMBO: 6 BIG salon books + FREE 1-year magazine subscription

Jun 14, 2010
Step-by-Step COMBO: 4 Technical books + FREE 1-year magazine subscription

Jul 15, 2010
Arrojo Education offers the modern professional hairdresser DVDs to unlock your true creative potential

Aug 5, 2010
Buy a package of online "Step-by-Steps" and get 10% discount!

Sep 12, 2010
Step-by-Step Hairstyle Technical Booklets

Sep 24, 2010
Salon Styling Books: Choose Your Combo! SAVE 30% - BUY MORE AND PAY LESS!

Oct 11, 2010
Styling Books Combo: Vol 12: Men + Vol 13: Kids and Teens Hairstyles

Oct 16, 2010
Have you ever dreamed of having your work published in a world renowned beauty magazine? Join MyVisionHair Collection!

Oct 25, 2010
Hair's How Goes HOT!

Nov 12, 2010
Get a chance to be featured in a world-class magazine

Nov 17, 2010
Hair's How presents NEW DVDs: Massage Collections from Aesthetic VideoSource!

Nov 20, 2010
SALE! 31% discount on Super COMBO Salon Books

Nov 24, 2010
Hairs How Thanksgiving Sale: All Products 15% Off

Nov 28, 2010
Cyber Monday! Amazing deal that you simply can't ignore! 50% discount on "Step-by-Steps"

Dec 7, 2010
Hairs How Christmas Sale: 50% Off

Dec 14, 2010
Hairs How Christmas Sale: Men Styling Books 50% Off

Dec 21, 2010
Hair's How Season's Greetings

Dec 28, 2010
Hair's How Year End Sale: All Products 10% Off

Jan 10, 2011
Hair's How SALE! 21% discount on Super COMBO Technical Booklets

Jan 17, 2011
SALE! 7% Discount on New 3 Salon Books Combo

Jan 31, 2011
Hair's How Goes HOT! HOT by Hair's How is immersed in a global beauty format.

Feb 14, 2011
Hair Stylist Ammon Carver Loves Biolage. Get your free sample!

Feb 18, 2011
Hair's How announces a thrilling NEW Hair & Beauty magazine!

Mar 15, 2011
SALE! 31% discount on Super COMBO Salon Books

May 20, 2011
Hair's How announces a thrilling NEW Hair & Beauty magazine!

May 31, 2011
HOT Giveaway! Free Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Product

Jul 21, 2011
Welcome to HOT by Hair's How's premiere e-news flash!

Jul 28, 2011
Secrets to getting top agency representation

Aug 04, 2011
Hot Tools giveaway, Michael Albor thrills, more!

Apr 11, 2011
Online Booking Guide; Twitter Tips; Blessings of Temple Hair, More!

Aug 19, 2011
Anne Hathaway's real goodies...Kris Sorbie talks creative profitability.

Sep 10, 2011
Breaking News! Wella Professional and Oribe Hair Care Form Alliance

Sep 12, 2011
Redken giveaway: 25,000 smart phones; Christina Ricci's real color formula; Chad Seale Fans

Sep 09, 2011
HOT TV. Watch Our Favorite Video Clips!

Sep 12, 2011
American Culture Brands/Simply Smooth Ignites the Beauty World

Sep 18, 2011
Hair Flairs Makes the Feather Trend Fly

Sep 23, 2011
New digital issue; Tricia Androns blogs beauty and breast cancer; Chinese paper-cut lashes

Sep 25, 2011
Keratin Complex introduces its new 5-minute Smoothing Treatment!

Oct 02, 2011
Stylist drives 8,852 miles in search of inspiration!

Oct 17, 2011
What does beauty smell like?

Nov 11, 2011
FREE Subscription to HOT by Hair's How Magazine

Nov 18, 2011
MITCH Celeb Stylist Talks Men, Red-Hot How-To, $918 Mega-Giveaway

Nov 23, 2011
ALL Hairstyle Books - 45% OFF - Black Friday through Cyber Monday

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