Post Salon Color Preservation

Do your clients yearn for radiant haircolor long after they leave the salon? If so, they will undoubtedly feel the attraction to Redken's new Color Extend Magnetics collection. The experts agree that colored locks demand the very best care to preserve radiant salon fresh color. As a result, Redken reinvented the performance of gentle cleansing systems while respecting the integrity of the hair. Its new range contains Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Conditioner, and a Deep Attraction Mask.

Redken's exclusive IPN and Charge-Attract Complex deliver charged amino-ions that are attracted to the hair fiber to form a protective seal. Aggressors are repelled and color is secured with maximum vibrancy and alluring shine. With Color Extend Magnetics, color-treated hair is 3X fortified.

Redken's Charge-Attract Complex is the key technology in the Color Extend Magnetics line. This complex combines essential Amino Acids, Glutamic Acid and Serine, with supercharged ingredients for maximum color vibrancy. Glutamic Acid enhances shine and resurfaces for smoothness, and conditioning protein Serine replenishes hair for strength while magnetic amino-ions attract to the hair fiber and polymerize to create a hydrophobic barrier that seals in color.

"Since I've introduced my clients to Redken's NEW Color Extend Magnetics, my color addicted regulars now happily tell me they've been able to leave my chair with no fear of experiencing the dreaded 'dullness' caused by shampooing" says Tracey Cunningham, Redken Creative Consultant for Color. "This is particularly important for my celebrity clients who are frequently out of town shooting and need their color to last. With Color Extend Magnetics-the entire line leaves my clients with soft, vibrant locks."