Blurred Waves: How to Achieve "Model Hair" in a Flash
Sure, model hair looks stunning in ad campaigns and on the runway. But clients clamor for the carefree "real-life" hair that models rock before they ever get styled for a shoot. Here's how to create that natural, beautiful look on your clients in a few simple steps.

"Second-day textured hair that models often wear, where the roots pop out in different directions and the waves are sort of blurred, is sometimes tough for stylists to achieve because they over think it," says Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care. That's why she created a technique stylists can use to recreate that sought-after look with ease. It's so easy, in fact, that stylists can teach their clients how to do it on themselves when they're at home.

Here's how to create "blurred" model waves:

This technique can be done on any style. "If you want the sections in front to tuck in more and frame the face, press the iron into mid shaft and pull the ends towards you. This will kick the end out, but it won't create a perfect curl," says Roche. "I always pay attention to the hair around the face. It can always be manipulated to complement facial features and highlight a client's natural beauty."

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