Razor Sharp
Short and chic, this versatile summer look can be done in a flash. Here's how.

For the sizzling summer season, star stylist Lori Panarello who hails from New York's ultra-cool I.d salon, is taking guests' looks short and undercut. The beauty of this chic cut is its versatility-it can be styled a multiple of ways.

"I definitely find that when a client in the salon is getting a new look, it starts conversations between them and their friends, which is great for my business. Short is really hot right now, so is shaving one side, so I did both for my guest. It's an edgy look, but even when more conservative guests see it, it starts a conversation about trying something new and certain elements can be applied to any style," says Panarello.

Here's How

1.Take a radial section from recession to recession to include the crown area of the head.

2. Next, take a diagonal back parting from the previous section above the ear on both sides to create a "V" at the nape.

3.Scissor over the comb to create an undercut all the way up the head undeeath the clipped out sections.

4. Release the remaining hair and comb into natural fall.

5.Take a 1 1/2 horizontal parting in the front and clip away for a fringe.

6.The horse shoe parting should be combed down on each side and point cut to the top of the ear horizontally.

7.In the back section, take diagonal back partings and using the sides as a guide to length, point cut down to the nape.

8. Release the fringe and customize length using diagonal forward partings to desired side.

9. Point cut the interior layers from the crown to the fringe and the crown to the nape to increase in length.

10. Detail cut as desired.