Welcome to Our New World of Beauty!
by Jeryl E. Spear, Editor-in-Chief
Hot On Beauty and Hot Beauty magazine launch a brand-new website for professionals and consumers.


It's about time! We’ve all seen the YouTube video of the young vlogger who burned her hair off with a curling iron or the one who sits on a stair landing while she demonstrates how to turn your hair from light brown to crystal white with disastrous results. Thousands of amateur bloggers/vloggers have taken to the Internet to instruct consumers on how to color and cut their hair or which products they should be using. The scariest part: Millions of people are hanging on their every word. In order for our voice to be heard among the cyber babble, we’ve launched a gorgeous new website that has two portals: one for consumers and one for beauty pros. To protect your privacy, the professional side requires a log-in for sensitive materials, including technicals. 

The consumer side of our site only shares information about professional products and is restricted to professional advice. We would love for you to participate in giving hundreds of thousands of consumers the right information about how to care for their hair, skin and nails! To become involved, send a sample blog (written) or vlog (video) to: JSpear@HotOnBeauty.com. When you do, keep in mind that we’re looking for top-quality material that will visually show the professionalism and knowledge of our industry. 

Don’t forget to register! Join us today and start enjoying the fruits of our efforts. In return, we’ll send you a small gift from one of our many sponsors. HotOnBeauty.com