DIY: Bombshell Brunette Blowout
Ramp up your brunette beauty with this stunning how-to from Matrix!


Step 1. On damp hair, apply one pump of Matrix Biolage Softening Treatment and comb through to distribute.

Step 2. Section hair for control. Starting at the nape, use a large round brush with firm tension and blow-dry hair until smooth. Continue up back of head, directing hair under until reaching crown. At crown and top, work off a side part and direct hair toward side.

Step 3. Use a large-barrel iron to set the hair, bobby-pinning large sub-sections in place. Follow contour of head and use diagonal sub-sections throughout front. Allow set to cool.

Step 4. Once cooled, release set and use a cushion brush to smooth hair firmly and drape over to the side.

Step 5. Back-brush for fullness through mid-lengths and ends, encouraging large, rolling waves. For additional control and shine, dispense a small amount of Biolage Softening Treatment in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to warm and disperse the product. To apply the product, run the palms of your hands through the outside layers and ends of your hair.