Braided Beauty
Clients still wrapped up in the braid craze? We can't say we blame them -- the look is so varied, it runs the gamut from casual-cool to ultra-glam! To help make the plait selection a little more palatable, we've pulled together a gallery of our favorite braided styles for your inspiration.

Braids have come a long way from the pair of plaits you wore on your first day of second grade. They've evolved into an abundance of styles including undone updos, red-carpet-worthy twists, edgy warrior-woman 'dos and even riffs on more classic versions of the single-braid look. Perhaps we have Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games to thank for the braid revival, and perhaps we owe a debt to literature's own Heidi for her milkmaid plaits! But wherever the braids come from, one thing's for sure: The possibilities are endless.

Check out our braid gallery above for endless plaited perfection. One disclaimer, though -- you may need an extra set of hands (or several) to replicate these looks!