Bowl Cuts Are Back, Baby!
In the beauty world -- like in many other fields -- history has a tendency to repeat itself. And what hairstyle's so happening right now? None other than the bowl cut! Check out our gallery for ways to embrace this re-imagined design.

It's time to revisit a classic hairstyle that's finally shedding its shabby-not-chic reputation! Yep, we're talking about the bowl cut, which is showing up on the catwalks and crosswalks with a spate of newly re-imagined hair designs.

With a round or oblong perimeter shape and clean interior, this 'do is perfect for shorthaired lovelies who have grown weary of highly textured hairstyles. All iterations of the standard design also present opportunities for you to work on a clean canvas that allows you to flex your creative color skills. (View our gallery of bowl cuts to whet your color appetite!)

So, what constitutes the latest designs? Picture bowls of every size and shape (round or oblong) placed on the head at different angles to create a wide variety of silhouettes. The designs can also be uniform length or have artful interior layers. The one caveat: The perimeter weight line has a strict zero-degree elevation.

From a stylist's POV, these designs can look deceptively simple to do -- but nothing could be further from the truth! A perfect cut can show off your precision snipping skills, while even a slight mistake can be as glaring as red lights slicing through traffic. Common cutting pitfalls: combing the hair even slightly different from how it'll fall when dry; not consistently adhering to a zero-degree weight line; and sculpting a less-than-perfect perimeter shape, especially around the ears. 

Check out our gallery of styles that will "bowl" you over!