True Pioneers
Embodying the free spirit of those who traveled through unexplored territories in search of a new life, and right in step with modern consumers' desire to be surrounded by colors found in nature, Matrix artists create a rustic yet refined color palette inspired by raw red rocks, wild prairies and stark deserts.

Their go-to color to bring these earthy yet commanding colors to life: New COLORINSIDER Color Concentrates.


Brighten, boost or neutralize brassy results with Matrix COLORINSIDER Color Concentrates.

In a recent Matrix colorist survey, one in fi ve professionals report they use color additives on a regular basis.

Inspired by Matrix colorists, Color Concentrates are specifically designed to boost COLORINSIDER formulas, customize COLORINSIDER color palettes, and neutralize unwanted results.

Each concentrate must be incorporated in a COLORINSIDER formula to deliver the following unique benefits:

Blue lifts to neutralize unwanted brassiness and adds cool tones when darkening hair.
Red intensifi es your favorite red, redviolet and violet formulas.
Orange boosts vibrancy with auburns, warm browns and golden blondes.
Yellow brightens brunettes and softens reds that are too strong.

For stylists, the Color Concentrates launch coincides with Matrix’s fall/winter True Pioneer collection.

A look book of images and dynamic cuts and colors inspired by the panoramic color and rustic styles of the American West, is also available.