American Crew Announces 2015-2016 All-Star Challenge Global Champion
Sandra Perovic thrills with her winning image for the American Crew All-Star Challenge Global Champion competition.

Sandra Perovic of the United Kingdom was named the Champion of the American Crew 2015-2016 All-Star Challenge-the top annual global competition for men's hair styling-on April 18, 2016, in Paris.

Perovic was inspired by the iconic looks of James Dean and Elvis Presley.

While expressing her art, she also put a modern twist on a classic style that's wearable for the everyday man.

"I'm shocked and can't believe it happened," said Perovic of her win. "It's an amazing feeling."

Amazing, indeed. From it's modern waves to flawless perimeter, we're in love with Perovic's Men's hair design, not to mention her model, who is definitely easy on the eyes.


This year's competition featured the following country finalists:

    ● Guy Gallo, Australia
    ● Hasan Nasser, Canada
    ● Jesper Olsen, Denmark
    ● Guillaume Fort, France
    ● Givi Jintchvelashvili, Georgia
    ● Frederic Mendes de Sousa, Luxembourg
    ● Frida Andersson, Norway
    ● Paulo Soares, Portugal
    ● Rustam Mirasov, Russia
    ● Federico Lucchese, Italy
    ● Robert Dallo, Spain
    ● Kevin Herzog, Switzerland
    ● Renat Murzagaleev, Ukraine
    ● Sandra Perovic, United Kingdom
    ● Sara Leahy, United States

Congratulations Sandra Perovic! We look forward to many more of your incredible men's hair designs!