Stylist Spotlight

How long have you been a licensed hairstylist? 

I graduated from the Aveda Institute of Los Angeles in 2013 and become licensed the same year.

We notice that you've worked quite a lot with photographer Michael Roth. How has he enhanced your work and boosted your confidence as a new stylist?

Working with Michael has been amazing in so many ways. Besides being a photographer, he is an art director for the movie industry, so his eye and expertise are very advanced. Accepting his guidance and taking his advice to heart have been priceless in terms of improving and sharpening my skills.

Tell us about your newest collection, Terrestrial Temptations. We find it so amazing and creative.

I wanted to create something with a sci-fi theme, so I spent months watching every science fiction movie I could get my hands on. In the end, I decided to create hairstyles that were inspired by spacecraft. My lead image, for instance, was a nod to the International Space Station. Beyond that, I also wanted to give each of my "alien" models a fierce warrior persona.

I worked on the Terrestrial Temptations hairpieces for several months, using wire and human hair to fashion the shapes and create flowing yet structured hairstyles. I was able to do this by blending my past career as a graphic artist and set designer/constructor at NBC television network with my hair training.

What's in store for your career in the near future?

I intend to continue entering competitions [Anna was a 2015 NAHA finalist]. I also want to teach on stage and work with many hairstylists around the world. Long-term, I want to have my own art studio/salon and maybe even a spa.

Terrestrial Temptations collection by Anna Bianca Terrestrial Temptations collection by Anna Bianca