Fashion Forward

A career dream certainly came true for Doreen Guarneri, Artistic Director for pure NV and owner of American Culture, The Look Salon—a style savvy salon located in Greenlawn, NY. Guarneri had the highly coveted opportunity to go backstage during a runway show, held during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Guarneri styled the soft, romance-inspired looks that complemented fashion designer Way Zen’s Spring/Summer 2013 “Jsong” collection. The stylist describes Way Zen’s overall look as “feminine yet classic and natural.” The show, held September 5th at Way Zen’s showroom in New York City, debuted the “Traveling Song” collection, which was inspired by the designer’s passion for travel and experiencing other cultures. The rich colors in the collection move from white to periwinkle, golden yellows, rich reds and mint greens. Expert craftsmanship was displayed in pleated dresses and delicate embroidery embellishments.

The feminine clothing, made of natural fabrics such as linens and silks, coincided with the natural quality of pure NV BKT’s botanical keratin treatments. This inspired Guarneri to create a soft and romantic easy up-do with a low side-swept bang and an easy teased lift at the crown. The sides were gently pulled up, twisted and pinned with the remainder of the hair left long, loose and textured.

“Runway looks are usually about slicking the hair back into a ponytail, but we added texture and height to make it more interesting,” reveals Guarneri.

“Styling for Fashion Week was a wonderful experience. “This stems from the style of Way Zen’s company. It was a pleasure to work with the team. My experience working with models is always the same, but when working with a designer, it’s very varied. It was very easy for me to do my job.”

Recreate the Look:

Begin by choosing which side the bangs look best and clip aside.

  1. Take a triangle on the top of the crown to create the back bump and back comb to create the height; spray with pure NV BKT humidity shield hairspray non-aerosol for hold. Soften the back comb with a flat grooming brush, twist and push into place. Use a tail comb to lift and balance and secure with bobby pins.

  2. Take the front sides, back comb if necessary and comb the sides up, taking one side and draping it over the middle section first and twisting it into form. Pull up the other side and repeat the process. Pin into place.

  3. Gather the remainder of the hair and put it into a ponytail with a hair band. From the back, grab a small section of the hair and wrap it around the hair band to hide it.

  4. Using a comb, back comb the hair to create a textured effect to the bottom of the hair and fan it out. Spray to hold. Take the front bang and comb it out and pull it down across the forehead. Drape and tuck away the ends. Pin if necessary. Spray hair with pure NV BKT Spray Shine to finish.
Way Zen runway show