Matte is Back!

"From vulcanized rubber watchstraps to brushed steel cufflinks, the matte-is-back trend has even caught the eye of luxury car companies with the Ferrari F430 hitting the streets with a flat-black finish and the Rolls Royce Ghost with a gunmetal-grey hood.

"We have to admit: There's something completely disarming about a man who looks like he isn't trying. A bit of chrome or pearl on his car or bike is nice enough, but take it too far and he runs the risk of looking like a modern-day Liberace. After all, shine is all about wanting people to look at him; matte is more about knowing that they will.

"American Crew is bringing the matte-is-back trend to hair with its new product, Ultramatte. A medium hold no shine fixative that creates strong defined looks with zero pose and tons of presence."