Aquage Masterclass Academy

Want to learn how Shakira gets her cool, modern waves or an essential technique to internally deconstruct shapes with transitional blending?

When you attend an upcoming Aquage Masterclass Academy, you’ll learn these techniques and much more.

Traveling the country with 100% of all academies sold out in advance of their dates, Aquage has reclaimed the pulse of education for the pro-beauty industry.

“We focus on techniques that create salonrelevant hair, while also allowing stylists to wow their clients and build their books,” says Co-founder Luis Alvarez. “Our goal is to expand the knowledge of experienced stylists and introduce new techniques to newer professionals. Like our attendees, we’re also a diverse group. Our teaching staff represents a wide-range of ages, allowing all of us to unite through our love of hair.”

HOT editor Jeryl E. Spear has not only heard testimony of the powerful experiences that come from the Aquage Masterclass Academy, but has also been in attendance.

“It’s amazing,” beams Spear. “The action is non-stop for two days, with hands-on workshops for long hairdressing taught by none other than the Queen of Style, Ann Bray, and eye-opening haircutting techniques led by Eric Fisher and Shawna Parvin. Luis Alvarez— whose hair skills are renown in Europe and North America—is omnipresent throughout the event and gives the most wonderful hairstyling for photography class. Even though I was exhausted by the time the academy was over, I still couldn’t wait to get home and start working on my doll heads.”

Cindy Landa

Class Notes

Cindy Landa, owner of Estilo Salon and Day Spa and longtime educator, highlights her experience at the Aquage Masterclass Academy

“I recently went to the Aquage academy with five of my stylists,” says Cindy Landa. “We had an incredible time in terms of education, presentation and take-home value. I particularly loved the fact that we didn’t have to sit in class for hours before doing hands-on work. Instead, we learned a concept and then did it on our mannequins, learned another concept and repeated that format throughout both days. Each table had a dedicated educator keeping us on track with the concepts, as well as other educators who floated during every hands-on portion of the academy. The cutting techniques were superb and the finishing work proved to be invaluable.

“We did three wedding parties at our salon this past Saturday and I could see many of the techniques taught to us by Ann Bray being used on our brides’ hair. Beyond the hands-on benefits, though, we all thought it was amazing to be in the midst of so many famous stylists and young NAHA winners. Their talent and professionalism were so inspiring.”

Aquage Masterclass Academy

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