Argan Oil Debuts New Collection

Nelson j Beverly Hills unveils its new Argan Oil 7 multi-functional haircare line, which features a fusion of Argan, citrus and peppermint oils to cleanse, hydrate and condition all hair types.

Soothing and refreshing, this innovative hair system features the revolutionary 7-in-1 Non-Foaming Shampoo, which multitasks as a conditioner, detangler, color protector, shine enhancer, smoothing serum and pre-styling lotion. It effectively cleans hair (even of Vaseline) without stripping it of moisture or color. It also closes the cuticle while it cleans-without weighing hair down.

"It's great for protecting or preserving color because it does not open the cuticle," says Nelson Chan, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Nelson j Beverly Hills.

Other products in the collection include:

The Argan Oil 7 collection
The Argan Oil 7 collection