The Rose by Ann Bray First Rose Michael Albor Farrux Shamuratov Georgy Kot Ruslan Olga Ivanitsa Antonio Calvo Muhittin Yusan Unknown Artist Hannah Unsal Lorna Evans Angelia L. Carron
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The Rose by Ann Bray

A rose is a rose is a an updo? You heard us right! Working for Aquage, Ann Bray set a standard for hairdressing that's truly blossomed into something beautiful. Click on the picture to view our gallery of hair roses created by artists from all over the globe.

Ann Bray created The Rose for Aquage in 2012. Since then, the design has bloomed throughout the world, with great hairdressers across the globe creating their own versions of The Rose. It has truly become a standard by which all great and aspiring hairdressers hold their own work -- as well as the creations of their contemporaries: The mark of a true hair artist must include an exquisite rose.

Here, we tip our hats to Ann Bray for planting such a beautiful rose garden... of hair, that is. On the left, check out our gallery of rose-inspired styles that bring new meaning to floral designs!

Click here to view the step-by-step, photographed by Luis Alvarez for Aquage, as well as the products Ann Bray used to create The Rose. 


1. Ann Bray's Rose

2. The first Rose by Ann Bray, just before the shoot for one of our 2012 issues, where we introduced the look.

3. Michael Albor, USA

4. Farrux Shauratov, Russia

5. Georgy Kot, Russia

6. Ruslan Tatyanin, Russia

7. Olga Ivanitsa, Ukraine

8. Antonio Calvo, Spain

9. Ziortza Zarauza, Spain

10. Muhittin Yusaf, Turkey

11. Unknown Artist, Eastern Europe

12. Hannah Unsal, Austria

13. Lorna Evans Education Team, Australia

14. Angelia L. Carrion, Peru




Hair: Ann Bray/Aquage

Color: Tausha Ostrander/Aquage

Makeup: Yolanda Moran

Photo: Luis Alvarez/Aquage

Hair assistant: Jennifer Price/Aquage

Fashion stylist: Patric Chauvez

Production: Don Wismer



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