Color Blurred Sombre -
Mocha Sombre muse and model Ashley Moore rocks a rich chocolate color design by Redken Artist Sean Godard.
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Color Blurred Sombre

Redken's new Sombre technique blurs brunette and blonde hair color together to create a beautiful, low-contrast ombre.

Redken Sombre techniques are created with the Blur Brush, which can seamlessly blend two different shades together.

Fall 2015 Find in
Fall 2015

Blonde and brunettes can embrace the fall season's warm tones with Redken's new Sombre technique, which blends brunette and blonde shades together to create low-contrast effects.

To help colorists achieve this fresh-for-fall look, Redken has expanded its Chromatics color line to include two new mocha shades.

Mocha 6M, which features warmer tones that complement golden skin tones, are best suited for medium to lighter bases.

Mocha 4M, which provides rich, deep chocolate tones with a hint of red, is ideal on dark and medium bases.

Suggestion: Top your Sombre color designs with one of the new natural warm Shades EQ Gloss shades to create a beautiful blended color.


Got Roots?

Claiming to be the first of its kind in the U.S., Base Color Bar could well establish a new paradigm for single-focus salons.

Los Angeles welcomes Base Color Bar, which caters to time-deprived, beautyconscious clients that want their hair color to always look fresh without spending hours and hundreds of dollars every three weeks in a traditional salon.

The brainchild of Haleh Lewkkos—Frederic Fekkai-trained colorist and stylist—Base Color Bar clients can expect to be in and out of the salon in less than one hour.

Services include women's base colors, men's color rinses, blow-dry services, gloss/toner applications and power shot treatments.

From root touch-ups to ombré bases, Base Color Bar treats all hair types, textures and tones. Styling is treated as an add-on service.



Shown: Caramel Sombre muse, model and disc jockey Amber Le Bon.

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