Cold Snap -
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Cold Snap

With static electricity popping like fireworks and hair ready to snap like brittle icicles, you need to revive her precious strands with moisture and hydration.

January/February 2013 Find in
January/February 2013

Winter Wrap

Send her packing with Aquage SeaExtend Silkening Power Infusion rinse-out spray treatment and she'll be flaunting her plump, silky strands on even blustery, dry days.

Delivering immediate and long-term results, this brand-new product contains eight organic sea plants, including wakame seaweed, a rich source of proteins; Irish moss, which contains fatty acids and sorbitol for maximum moisture; and a bevy of other sea plant extracts rich in nutritious amino acids and minerals to enhance strength and resiliency.

Thirst Quencher

Taking its inspiration from a rainforest's replenishing moisture cycle, Biolage hydratherapie Aqua-immersion Creme Masque by Matrix - a luxurious, creamy treat for dry and very dry hair—breaks the dehydration circle, while it deeply moisturizes and restores silky manageability.

Contains NO parabens or silicones, fights frizz and protects against color fade.

Smells heavenly!


Moisture vs. Hydration

While "moisture" and "hydration" are frequently used interchangeably to describe the benefits of hair conditioners, they're actually two different processes that work together to achieve a common goal: improved moisture content.

How are they different? Moisturizing refers to the prevention of water loss through the formation of a protective barrier; hydration is the actual replenishment of lost water content. Locks with adequate amounts of moisture and hydration are plump and have cohesive movement.

Sleek as a Whistle

Grant her a great hair day with BC Smooth Shine Leave-in Treatment by Schwarzkopf.

Cationic polymers neutralize vexing static electricity; IPS-Complex provides long-lasting, high-gloss shine; apricot kernel oil improves surface smoothness; panthenol delivers much-needed hydration; and proprietary Amino Cell Rebuild Technology repairs hair at a cellular level. Results: Supple, reflective strands that are ready and willing to obey your styling commands.


Cream Topping

Both a hydrator and moisturizer, Wella Professionals Brilliance color-care treatments are available in two luscious formulas: rich and creamy Brilliance Treatment for Coarse, Colored Hair and lighterweight Brilliance Treatment for Fine to Normal, Colored Hair.

Featuring triple-blend care technology, which combines three lightweight polymers to instantly restore hair’s moist, free-flowing movement, Brilliance Treatments also protect hair against environmental stressors and create incredible shine.

Contains diamond dust!


Moist and Manageable

Formulated with a proprietary blend of plant extracts and essential oils, as well as signature Phyto Color Complex and Phyto UV Shield, all-natural Neuma Moisture Intensive Masque delivers hydration and moisture to thirsty winter strands.

Containing star naturals—including jojoba esters, shea butter and yarrow extract—the mask banishes flyaways and frizz, and restores softness and shine.

Scented with lavender, tangerine, rose, bergamot and vanilla essential oils!


In soft and supple skin tissues—including the scalp—the stratum corneum has a water content of up to 30%.

The water comes from the atmosphere, underlying skin layers and sweat.

Oil produced by skin glands and fatty substances act as natural moisturizers, allowing the stratum corneum to seal in water.

Characteristic signs of dry scalp occur when the water content falls below 10%. (Source:

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