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Matrix GM Colin Walsh, Stylist Sharon Smith and Dr. Lew Losconcy
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Full Circle Beauty

Matrix GM Colin Walsh inspires the stylist who first inspired him as a young adult.

In his popular motivational presentations, Matrix Vice President and General Manager Colin Walsh often talks about his childhood stylist, Sharon Smith. As a boy, Sharon was "it" in his eyes-pretty, fun and super stylish. According to Walsh, it was Smith's creativity and energy that propelled him into his successful career.

Recently, Walsh was able to return the favor when he and his ON-A Brilliant Way to Live and Work co-author, motivational speaker Dr. Lew Losconcy, traveled to Barrie, Ontario, Canada to visit "Sharon." The duo had assembled 100 of Smith's friends and colleagues for a presentation from the pair, and subsequent book signing.

"It was amazing!" says Smith. "It had been about 25 years since we had seen each other. He was a young teenager. Now he's delivering such wonderful, empowering messages. It was brilliant to see. And early in my career, Dr. Lew really inspired me. I often share his words with my students and stylists. I'm so pleased that I was finally able to thank him!"

Smith says that she remembers Walsh's fascination with the goings-on in the salon. "He would really study me and what I was doing," she says. Smith worked with Walsh's entire family, but over the years they all drifted apart. However, she recently decided to call Walsh's dad-a doctor-for some medical advice. "I was stunned to learn that Walsh is in the beauty industry."

Walsh and Smith subsequently reconnected. In an email to Smith, Walsh wrote "I have fallen deeply in love with this industry and you played an integral role. You touched my soul. I was a young boy with a crush on my glamorous stylist and you impacted my life and my self-esteem with your talent and gifts."

"It really goes to show you that you never know how you're going to affect someone who is sitting in your chair," Smith muses. "That's probably why, after 31 years, I'm still totally obsessed with this business and with making people feel great. And I feel that same passion in Walsh."

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