Wedding Style Tips

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Wedding Belles

Minimize bridezilla moments with these bridal tips by leading bridal experts across the country.

Photographer: Bonnie Holland;

Hairstylist: Lucie Doughty;

MUA: Dorit;

Fashion Designer: Octavia Carlin

CREDIT: Wedding Tresses

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"When doing updos, I work with large bobby pins. For the base, I spray a super-hard hairspray directly on each base pin. (It takes about three seconds for the spray to become rock-hard.) This not only creates a super-strong base, but it also keeps me from having to apply heavy amounts of hairspray to the exterior of the style, which would make it look forced and artificial." Jacki Norrie, owner of Wedding Tresses.

Hair: Wedding Tresses

Bridal Tip: Rock-Hard Base

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"Sometimes it's more advantageous to achieve a retro look by using old-fashioned tools. For this image, we rolled our bride's hair on rags to create an early 20th century impression." Sherri Jessee, bridal specialist. Photographer: Roberto Ligresti;

Hairstylist and MUA: Sherri Jessee

Bridal Tip: Retro Styling

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"Creating a gorgeous retro-style can make your bride's wedding album look timely for years to come. For our bride, we put a modern spin on the most copied style of the'40s: the victory roll." Jean Sweet, Camera Ready Hair.

Photographer: Jean Sweet;

Hairstylists: Tracey Stokes and Jean Sweet

Bridal Tip: Ageless Retro-Styles

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"Leave the twigs, crown of dried flowers and daisy chains right where they belong-in her grandma's photo album. The modern bohemian bride is a free-spirited fashionista with a penchant for soft modernity in her styles." Tracey Stokes.

Photographer: Jean Sweet;

Hairstylist: Jean Sweet and Tracey Stokes;

MUA: Jessica Sawicki

Bridal Tip: Boho Brides

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