Online Certifications

With less disposable income and time, online training courses are ruling the day. Meeting the current needs and desires of stylists, Simplicity Hair Extensions has introduced its basic Certification Program to the world of digital media.

“There are so many positives for doing this,” says Marketing Director Nancy Hinojosa. “Once stylists provide us with a copy of their license, they can not only take the on-demand course in an environment of their choosing, but at a day and time that’s most convenient for them. They can also work at their own pace.”

The steps to becoming certifi ed are also easy:

Call the toll-free number (see below), email or fax a copy of your license and pay the course fee. What you will receive in return: access to the six-section course—four technical, one on consultations and another on marketing—review of your work by experts, and a well-stocked kit, which includes:

Upon passing the course, your name will be added to the “Locate a Stylist” section of the company’s Website for consumer referrals.

Learn more about the Simplicity Hair Extensions Certification Course on Call 877-413-5225 to begin the education process.