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Matrix resets and reinvents the ammonia-free, permanent color category.

March/April 2013 Find in
March/April 2013

You may have been disillusioned with other ammonia-free lines that made big ripples in our industry only to sink like stones, but not this time.

COLORINSIDER by Matrix sets a new standard for ammonia-free formulations, as well as infinite new possibilities for salon color services.

Odorfree and capable of three full levels of lift and 100% gray coverage, this new permanent haircolor maximizes highdefi nition color results with minimum stress to the hair’s cuticle layer.

Featuring a precise, calibrated palette of 52 shades plus Clear and 16 tonal families—including cool neutrals and rich, vibrant reds—COLORINSIDER is formulated with Matrix’s proprietary Color Injection Oil Delivery System (OD2), which uses oil—as opposed to ammonia—to deposit color deep within the cortex.

What’s the difference between the two processes? Ammonia-based, permanent haircolor swells the hair fiber and raises the cuticle layer to allow color molecules to penetrate the hair shaft.

In stark contrast, Matrix’s new OD2 system bypasses the cuticle and injects color molecules directly into the cortex.

The results are always true, sharp and saturated.

1. The 10-, 20-, 30-volume COLORINSIDER Oil-Cream Developers are mixed 1:1 and provide up to three full levels of lift.

2. Custom-created for COLORINSIDER, the precision-calibrated line includes a beautiful collection of cool neutrals and a dazzling array of rich, lively reds.

Added Perks! COLORINSIDER is odorless and fume-free, and features a 35-minute processing time.

Virtually Speaking

New upgraded MyMatrixFamily Mobile App.

COLORINSIDER education and information are available 24/7 through the MyMatrixFamily Mobile App, a newly revamped virtual tool that’s available for iPad, iPhone and Android.

Stylists can use the App to discover the best formulas for their clients; browse celebrity formulas; input their formulas; and create a ‘little black book’ of their favorite color step-by-steps.

Also available: how-to videos, application tips and a distributor locator.


Learn all about COLORINSIDER Education: Fuel your creativity.

Bring on the A-team! Matrix’s topflight COLORINSIDER Artistic Team—Chrystofer Benson, Robert Santana, Sandra Smith, Dan Csicsai, Franco Della Grazia, Ammon Carver, Lenny Strand, Nick Stenson and Daniel Roldan—are leading a national network of COLORINSIDER educators and providing world-class training, techniques, tips, and new looks for colorists throughout 2013.

While many classes are being held in cities across the U.S., the new COLORINSIDER Digital Classroom is also hosting color education.
One titillating opportunity you won’t want to pass up: Stylists and colorists can interact live with Matrix Artistic Directors regarding education, usage tips, artists’ favorite formulas, and more.

Photographer: Joseph Cartright

"COLORINSIDER is intuitive for stylists.
It’s deep and rich where needed;
light and multi-reflective where expected.

Reds are vibrant and wearable; grey coverage is 100% with a perfect balance between base and tone."

Matrix Artistic Director and NAHA 2010 Colorist winner Chrystofer Benson

All images courtesy of Matrix


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