Fall hairstyles -
Photography: Luis Alvarez for Aquage; Hair: Eric Fisher, Tausha Ostrander, Nogodar Martinez and Brooke Stanley for Aquage; MUA: Wanda Alvarez; Fashion Stylist: Patric Chauvez
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Fall hairstyles

Whether you're styling a bride-to-be or a client who's been invited to a formal dinner party, up-styles and down-styles should embrace this season's special cachet.

Luis Alvarez and his all-star Aquage Team created the MUSE DVD with you in mind: 15 Styles in 15 Minutes.
Every stylist can immediately up his or her game by mastering these styles, including the tips and tricks used to achieve them in a flash.

September/October 2014 Find in
September/October 2014

Reveling in luxury, this season is undeniably posh without a hint of gaudiness.

Fabrics are lush; color patterns and jewelry are bold and distinctive; and special-occasion hairstyles are every bit as elegant as they are touchable.

Braids, of course, continue to expand with new techniques and style variations. And, a new messy chignon/twist/upstyle is being posted on Pinterest, Facebook or YouTube every minute of the day.

For beauty professionals, this phenomenon presents one big problem: Along with all of the style images being posted, DIY tutorials have become ever-present online, making everyone from the girl next door to the client in your chair adept at creating great hairstyles.

The upside: It motivates you to improve your hairdressing skills.

Up Your Style Game:

● Seriously study what’s being posted each day on social media sites. Is your work significantly better than what you’re seeing? If it isn’t, attending classes and constantly practicing on mannequin heads will make a huge difference in the quality of your styles.

Tip: Excellent how-to DVDs that focus on the art of hairdressing by Aquage ( and Sharon Blain Art of Education ( are available for purchase online. Both companies also hold multi-day workshops.

● The secret to creating beautiful fall styles lies in the prep work. Are your irons cooling off before you’re done, thereby making your curls weak or uneven?

Are your liquid products providing invisible lift, body and separation, while still making the hair appear touchable and soft? To achieve the best results, you need the best tools and products. If your answer is "no," you need to go shopping.

Create the Look:

1. While messy chignons and buns are all the rage, well-coiffed upstyles that seem to effortlessly flow into beautiful designs are also in high demand.

2. Adding a saucy pomp to any braided style gives it a dressier spin.

3. If you’re posting online or have an online portfolio, make sure to share a variety of styles, ranging from loose and romantic to structured.

4. A fabulous, up-to-the-minute hairstyle requires expert prep work. Hair that’s left down needs defined waves, piece-y texture and “natural” volume at the crown.

Hair: Filippo Sepe   Hair: Paul Gehring
Hair: Olga Nikiforova Hair Studio

It Looks

L’Oreal Brand Ambassador Christine Margossian creates three different street styles with one classic haircut. Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

Photographer: Eric Ouaknine; Hairstylist: L’Oreal Brand Ambassadors Christine Margossian; MUA: Stéphane Dussart

Natural High

L’Oreal Brand Ambassador Christophe Gaillet uses French styling techniques to create his new “street elegant” collection. Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

Photographer: Eric Ouaknine; Hairstylists: L’Oreal Brand Ambassador Christophe Gaillet; MUA: Stephane Dussart


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