A Braid Brigade at Alexander McQueen in Paris -
Alexander McQueen
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A Braid Brigade at Alexander McQueen in Paris

Outrageous, futuristic styles turned heads at the Alexander McQueen show in Paris.

This season, Redken Creative Consultant Guido fused futuristic design elements with a classic Elizabethan hairstyle to create the truly unique McQueen look that debuted in Paris. The look artistically fused innocence with a bit of edge.

Once the hair extensions were attached just above each temple, Guido and his team applied hardwear 16 super strong sculpting gel-before braiding the hair in a spiraled design around the model's head. The extensions were left to hang free on each side, which greatly juxtaposed the tightness and constraint of the style. Pillow proof blowdry two day extender was added to the extensions at the end to create a matte finish to the hair.

"The hairstyle for McQueen is interesting in that you aren't quite sure if the hair is paying homage to the past or a window into the future," says Guido. "There are certainly historical references at play, namely from the Elizabethan era; however, the long extensions on each temple offsetting the spiraled braids makes one unsure of where to place this style on a timeline. It's romantic and innocent, yet dark and punk in a way. It's anything but simple easy hair, both to create and to digest, which is what makes the McQueen show so noteworthy."

Create the Look:

1. Attach a small extension above each temple

2. Create corows going all the way around the head, smoothing out any flyaways with hardwear 16 super strong sculpting gel as you go

3. Flat iron the two extensions hanging in the front

4. Spray pillow proof blowdry two day extender on the extensions for a matte finish

Products used:

PHOTO CREDITS: Greg Kessler for Redken


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